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STORIES OF EVERYDAY WOMEN: Tobi Olujinmi says the W Talk app should be a great success, providing the young women of Christianity with TV series and podcasts relating to their lives

AN ENTERTAINMENT and faith network which provides inspirational content for Christian women is gearing up to launch an app.

W Talk, founded in 2014, will launch the international faithbased app on December 14 in Upper Clapton, east London.

As with everything W Talk, it is the brainchild of Tobi Olujinmi. She will be interviewing Wendy Alec, founder of God TV and a pioneer of Christian television, as part of the launch.

Tobi is a 30-something Christian, who is also a speaker and teacher. She gave up her work as a lawyer to establish the W Talk website four years ago and now has high hopes for the app.

“I’m a smart, forward thinking woman,” she said.

“I have opinions on politics, I have views on financial affairs, I’m a wife who’s interested in cultivating a better marriage, a mother who thinks childcare fees are astronomical. I’m a businesswoman who cares about her career… and my faith informs all my decisions. Where’s my outlet?

“I’m excited because the W Talk brand – through the app, online platform and live events – will fill this gap. I anticipate that the app will be a great success mainly because the team is largely made up of everyday women telling the stories of everyday women.”

Aimed mainly at millennial Christians, the app provides women with engaging faithbased content from scripted television shows to podcasts and interactive discussions with its community element.

Eniola Aluko, former member of England women’s football team, and currently a member of Juventus FC Women, is an ambassador for the W Talk brand.

As a Christian, Eniola welcomes the app.

She said: “My faith in God is my energy when I don’t have any, my navigation when I feel lost and my centre when I feel disorientated with the trials of life.

“I try as much as possible to be led by my inner spirit because I know God only wants what is best for me.

“An outlet like W Talk is so crucial for like-minded inspirational women to share our experiences and achievements in unity. It can only bring further experience and inspiration to all of us.”

Many young professional Christian women find some faith-based content is cheesy, unrealistic and unrelatable. But the team at W Talk hopes to tell real stories, which will more widely appeal – to both the devoted and non-Christians.

The app has four main sections – shows, podcasts, devotionals and community discussion – designed for the modern woman exploring her faith and spirituality.

With religion and faith always being an important aspect of a person’s belief system and millennials being an expressive generation, it’s an exciting time for such an app and platform to exist.

Visit to buy tickets for the app launch event on December 14.

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