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What’s wrong with Ohara Davies?

NOT A FAN: Ohara Davies

BOXING HAS always had its big characters, the fighters who people ‘love to hate’ like Chris Eubank Snr, Naseem Hamed, even my beloved Floyd Mayweather Jr.

They are brash, loud mouthed and never far from controversy. And in a sport where your talent has to be equally matched by your ability to shift tickets…..controversy sells.

If you’re gaining a fan base or even a ‘hate base’ people are still buying tickets or PPVs to watch you regardless of whether they want to see you win or lose; so it’s easy to understand why a young boxer may be tempted to do or say something crazy to get noticed.

You may or may not have heard of a young lightweight boxer from Hackney called Ohara Davies, he’s a half decent fighter, with very awkward angles and a crazy reach for his weight. However, a series of unfortunate events have left Ohara about as popular with boxing fans as R Kelly at a year 10 disco (too soon?)

At a press conference in Liverpool for his fight with the cities’ veteran Derry Matthews he seemingly couldn’t take the stick he was getting from his opponent’s hometown crowd and told them they were a “bunch of £7 an hour c**ts.” These are boxing fans who work hard to buy tickets to support the sport.

Having followed Ohara’s promising career since he first signed to Matchroom, even going so far as to put him forward as an ‘influencer’ to endorse a protein supplement company I was working with, I was disappointed to say the least. I’ve been a publicist for over 15 years, so I decided to give him some free advice over Facebook, stop acting like a fa**y basically. I think I said something along the lines of you don’t have the stones to carry off a Mayweather, and was promptly blocked……oh well.

Later in the run up to his fight with Tommy Cole on the Okolie v Chamberlain undercard he made some pretty insensitive if indirect comments about the Hillsborough disaster, resulting in Eddie Hearn dropping him from the show.

Seemingly putting his troubles behind him, he signed a new deal with Frank Warren and MTK Global in early 2018 stated that his controversial persona had all being an act to market himself and he was ready to just be himself, whether or not it sells. Cool.

Boxing is full of stories of redemption and second chances – we’re a forgiving bunch.
But, and in the words of Sir Mixalot this is a big BUT, an Insta beef with Chakabars has provided an insight into the self-hating mind of the little idiot and left me incandescent with rage.

So Chaka posted something along the lines of ‘who is having a baby in 2019?’ to which Ohara responded by tagging his girlfriend who happens to be a white woman. Chaka responded he should watch the movie ‘Get Out’ which I think was just meant as a bit of bants – I mean it’s quite funny, no?

Davies claimed he then received DMs from what he describes as the ‘pro-black’ community attacking his choice of partner. That’s not cool, but his reaction was even less so. He decided to defend his girlfriend by making a string of extremely offensive comments about black women including ”Maybe they would have more luck in attracting men instead of spending 25 years of their lives being thots and having five different babies by five different fathers and then complaining that nobody wants them.” Yes, you read that correctly. A black man said that.

When another Instagramer commented that he should “just say you hate black women and go” he responded by saying “I hate black women who think like you” and that the last black woman he dated had tried to trap him and take child support from him, so he preferred to be with a white woman.

Unlike when he offended Liverpudlians and couldn’t apologise fast enough, Davies has been completely unrepentant, even going so far as to make a series of videos where he states that if he is attacked he should be able to say something in response (well yes, but why put down women from your own race as a response?) and pondering why we don’t all just ‘get over’ slavery because it was ‘500 or 600 years ago’ – someone needs to brush up their history!

He could have celebrated his love for his girlfriend (who he seems to have cuffed after 3 months, but that’s none of my business) who by the way is a single mother herself; without disrespecting and perpetuating disgusting stereotypes of black females.

Unconsciously or not, when he made those comments he chose a side, you know what I mean. He has decided to become the defender of the white race and in my mind that makes him pretty much a…(fill in the blanks yourself).

When men from other races date outside their race, they don’t seem to feel the need to bash and disrespect women from their own race. I’ve never heard an Asian man who is dating a white woman say “I’m dating this woman because all Asian women aint sh*t.” So why do black men feel the need to justify their romantic decisions by showing utter contempt for their own mothers and sisters? I just don’t get it.

I decided to pick up the phone to some of UK boxing’s luminaries to canvas opinion on Ohara’s comments; many didn’t want to go on the record, but most were appalled. However boxing historian and Sky Sports personality Spencer Fearon didn’t let me down “I don’t comment on ignorance, and you can quote me on that all day long.” I’d also like to give a shout out to Lawrence Okolie who commented on Ohara’s comment “big man ting delete this” Hot Sauce…you’re a real one and I salute you.

Maybe Ohara is attempting to be the UK version of Stacey Dash. A black person that white racists can hold up and say “look even their own think that.” Sadly his stance seems to be going down well with some of the white boxing fans who couldn’t stand him a year ago.

We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of Davies, but with two losses on his record before he’s even stepped up to top 10 competition hopefully he will disappear into obscurity and we won’t have to hear his whiny little voice anymore.

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