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What are the best devices and apps for students in 2019?

STUDYING IN a university is probably one of the best periods in every person’s life. However, these years can also be quite challenging and stressful.

Not only do students have too many classes and assignments to deal with, they also need to find a way to balance between studying, leisure, and private life. This makes studying difficult. However, this is an important stage in your life that indicates a transition from a teenager into an adult. Does this mean that you have to put up with all the complexities of this period?

Luckily, it doesn’t! In most cases, a few handy tools and tech can make student’s life much easier. In this article, we are going to talk about some tech that can make studying less painful for you in 2019!

Top 6 devices for students

Studying at university is time-consuming and challenging. However, with the help of modern technology and various tools, it becomes much easier! What are the best devices in 2019? In this list, we collected the top 6 options:

- Smart Notebook

It is one of the most recent inventions and it seems to be a student’s must-have device. How does it work? You can use it as a regular notebook to make handwritten notes. The only difference is that a smart notebook can upload your notes to cloud-based storage like Google Drive.

- Portable Hard Drive

While studying, most people have to deal with lots of documents, papers, and other digital materials. Their number sometimes can reach hundreds of files and all of them takes up lots of space on your devices. Thus, having a portable hard drive for storing all files in one place is a great idea.

- Portable Photo Printer

This may not be a must-have device for studying. However, it is a great tool for everyday life. It will help you printing memorable pictures that could come in handy for decorating your bedroom.

- High-quality headphones that cancel noise

Getting focused is vital for productivity. However, it is hard to remain attentive and focused when you have to study in a home full of other people. Therefore, sometimes, noise-canceling headphones can be the only tool to help out in this situation!

- USB backpack

In the 21st century, we all have lots of portable devices that have to remain charged throughout the day. One device that could solve this problem is a power bank. However, a USB backpack will be much more convenient! Such a backpack enables you to charge different devices on the go. Besides, it is especially convenient for charging larger devices like tablets and laptops that are not convenient to charge from a power bank.

- Coffee machine

You will be surprised by home much money a regular student can spend on coffee each semester! This is natural if we consider the large workload that modern student gets in colleges. Thus, we believe that a good coffee machine is an irreplaceable thing to have in a dorm room!

The best apps and tools for students in 2019

Now, when you know about some of the best devices for college students in 2019, let’s look at a few handy apps that will bring even more use:

- OneNote

Creating notes is something students can’t avoid. Thus, it makes sense to make this process as convenient and effective as possible. OneNote is a perfect tool for this! It allows users to store all their notes in one place and access them anytime from any device.

It also has a few additional features like quick note sharing and convenient group access. This tool also allows you to create audio and video notes. All these benefits make OneNote a must-have app for all college students!

- myHomework

Available for free for both Android and iOS, this is one of the best student planners available today. It allows users to customize their calendars to keep in mind important deadlines, classes, meetings, and other events.

Also, it offers a simple organizer for your college and everyday tasks with customizable due dates and priority levels. This is one of those apps that will help you become more productive than ever!

- Essay writing service

This is another thing that every successful student should add to his toolbox. Although studying is important, it often takes all of your time. No wonder why many students remain in a state of stress for months because of the constant lack of time. For this case, you should have a backup plan.

Everyone deserves a reliable assistant that could give him a helping hand in any situation. That’s what writing services are good for. Check this essay writing service to learn about more benefits.

- Office Lens

Office Lens is a great free tool for capturing important documents, handwritten notes, posters, etc. This application performs the tasks of a photo scanner. It is one of the essential apps for every student. Even if you have never used such scanners for keeping different documents, once you’ will never go back after trying it! It is free and available for iOS and Android.

- StudyBlue

It is hard to underestimate the importance of self-education. Even while attending a college, self-education still remains a big factor for success. StudyBlue offers a wide range of courses, lections, and materials that will help students take their education to the next level. Besides, this app is helpful for planning and taking notes.

- Final words

Studying becomes more productive and simple with the help of modern technology. There are tablets, smartphones, laptops, scanners, and many other devices that come in handy both in college and everyday life. In addition, there is a huge number of tools and services that make everyday tasks even simpler.

Thus, we hope that this article will help everyone find the best tools and devices for boosting productivity! The options we listed offer great practicality and value, which makes them perfect for college people. Don’t hesitate to use them to your benefit and you will succeed! Good luck!

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