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What do the Balearic Islands have in store?

TRAVEL: Balearic Islands

IT IS estimated that more than 13 million tourists from around the world choose to visit the Balearic Islands each and every year. This only stands to reason due to the balmy tropical temperatures and the beautiful natural landscape.

The good news is that flying here from other portions of the world such as Northern Europe or the United Kingdom will take only a few hours. In order to provide you with a unique perspective in regards to this paradise on earth, we have taken the liberty of listing a handful of the main attractions that the Balearic Islands have to offer.

The Beaches

If you are a fan of fun in the sun, this region is the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax. The main islands located within this chain are Menorca, Majorca (sometimes called Mallorca) and Ibiza. Each of these locations is known for its selection of splendid beaches.

Still, a handful of areas stand out from the rest. Many visitors feel that the top beaches include:

- Cala Comtessa (Majorca)
- Cala Varques (Majorca)
- Cala del Pilar (Menorca)
- Benirras Beach (Ibiza)

Please keep in mind that these tend to be very popular locations and they are likely to be crowded during the summer months. Still, taking a short walk in either direction will offer you a bit more privacy if you desire.

History Galore

The Balearic Islands are also known for their rich sense of history. There is arguably no better way to experience this quality than by visiting the old town of Eivissa. Located within the heart of Ibiza, Eivissa can be dated to at least the 13th century.

It is particularly famous for its ancient cathedral as well as its whitewashed buildings. These brilliantly reflect the sunlight and they provide excellent opportunities if you hope to snap a few photographs. Other spots include the medieval walls of Alcudia and a large monastery found on the island of Mallorca.

Finding the best hotel during your visit

There are many hotels to choose from throughout the Balearic Islands. Of course, some properties will naturally offer more advantages than others. There are several factors to take into account when examining different locations. The most important metrics include:
- The price of the hotel
- The included accommodations
- Its location relevant to major attractions and public transportation
- Its vacancy rates
- Whether or not any discounts are available

The best way to discover the answers to these concerns is to utilise the services of an online hotel comparison site. You will quickly be able to discover the best prices as well as other variables such as amenities and the location of a specific property.

So, it has never been easier to make an informed decision well in advance of your departure date. Be sure to include the Balearic Islands within your travel itinerary. You will not be disappointed.

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