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What does Christian leadership entail?

COMMITTED: Errol Lawson has released a new book on society

ENTREPRENEUR, MENTOR and youth pastor Errol Lawson was recently featured on the BBC News channel, sharing his views on the rise in knife crimes and acid attacks.

He cited moral decay and lack of strong leadership as some of the reasons for the rise in youth crime and anti-social behaviour in wider society.

One way Lawson believes the decay can be reversed is through strong leadership, an issue he touches in his new book, The Five Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders. The minister-turned-author went on a quest to discover what it takes for a Christian to be influential and impact their generation, and interviewed 106 Christian leaders across the world. He said:

“For hundreds of years, men and women of the church have been at the forefront of innovation and social reform. In science, health care, education, social action and entrepreneurship, Christians, inspired by their faith, have stepped out courageously to respond to the challenges of their times.”

Leaders interviewed for the book include niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; Dr. Alveda King, Reverend Les Isaac, founder of Street Pastors, Reverend Kate Coleman, co- founder of Next Leadership, worship leader Noel Robinson and Jeff Letz, the founder of financial education company Genistar.


He discovered that they have five core skills which include being able to effectively share their vision, the ability to raise finance, they have the confidence to lead, can get the best out of people, and know how to delegate.

It seems that many people were wanting this book – it topped the Amazon chart on its week of release.

Lawson is the perfect person to write such a book, because he is a leader in his own right. A Christian since 2004, he runs Emerge Leadership, an organisation he started in 2010. It runs mentoring, workshops and training for young people, and gives motivational talks in school assemblies. It initially started as a church outreach when Lawson served as a youth pastor at Mount Zion Pentecostal church, but has since grown into an enterprise which reaches more than 20,000 young people a year and he visits up to 70 schools.

He said:

“The kids love what we do. We deal with bright kids and those who are at risk.”

He has received many testimonials from school pupils. He recalled an incident where he left a gym session with his wife and saw a group of hooded men coming towards him. It turned out that one of the men had attended one of his training sessions at school and said it helped to clarify his thinking and helped him achieve his goal to attend university.


Lawson now serves as a youth pastor at the Mountain of Fire church and would like to see more black churches with effective youth departments. He stated:

“The majority of church are running youth ministries with volunteers or are under-resourced. If we are serious about it we have to employ people in the role of youth leader/pastor who have a focus on engaging and disciplining our young people.”

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