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What to expect from the dancehall scene in 2019

NEW YEAR WITH NEW TUNES: Tarrus Riley has released a promising first single from his forthcoming album

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and welcome to the first This is BrukOut column of the new year. As we get stuck into the new year, the question that we should ask ourselves is: what does the year hold for us dancehall fans?

One name I can give you is Buju Banton. Since his release at the end of last year it seems you cannot go a day on the socials without seeing someone posing proudly next to Gargamel.

One of the most noticeable appearances has been from We the Best hip-hop superstar DJ Khaled. I’m a massive fan of Khaled but even I thought his Jamaica social posts were a little bit too much.

The final straw was the oats porridge alongside the sweet potato, boiled dumpling, and ackee and saltfish. Were you among the millions screaming at their phones saying “Khaled, don’t do it”?

Anyway, the date is set for March 16 when Buju Banton takes to the stage for the first time in over 10 years. His first performance and tour are titled as “The Long Walk To Freedom” and will be in the National Arena in Jamaica.

Fret not if you can’t make it to Jamaica, as other shows have already been planned for Trinidad and Barbados.


Musically this year has kicked off with a bang! I have been inundated with new music from so many new and exciting artists.

The big tune kicking off the year has to be handed to a name we were familiar with in the mid-2000s – Munga Honorable. Introduced to us by producer Don Corleon, Munga’s Nah Mad (Ova Nuh Gyal) has become a dancehall favourite for every man who swears blind that no woman can turn him stir crazy... yeah, right! If you haven’t heard it yet, get on to my “Dancehall King” Spotify playlist as I think this will still be around and active in the summer.

A couple of albums to look forward to that I have been told will arrive very soon are from two of reggae’s brightest stars, Tarrus Riley and Jah Cure. The first single from the Tarrus project features Grammy-winning Mykal Rose.

Guess Who is a 2018 relick of the classic produced by Sly and Robbie, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, and sees Singy Singy complimenting this Rockers classic with a double-time 2019 flow and he has promised me to expect more like that on the album.

Jah Cure’s album is a done deal and is expected to be released February 8. While on the Jamrock Cruise he told me of the line-up on the album: Tory Lanez, Melanie Fiona, Mya, Popcaan, Capleton, Yami Bolo and Damian Marley.

During an interview that you can watch on my YouTube channel, he laughs and tells me: “Seani, the video for the Damian song has been shot already, its only cos it’s Damian I haven’t leaked it.”

While on the cruise, Genna Genna top dawg Aidonia told us that his brand new project would be released before the end of the year. I know I have been busy with Christmas and New Year, but I haven’t seen it. Truly gutted, but I’m hoping we can start the new year with it!

What I have seen was some brand new singles, one of which is a certified club banger, Dom Perignon. Aidonia’s protégé has kickstarted his 2019 the same way he ended 2018.

Last year, Govana was one of the standout artists with a string of big songs like Bake Bean, One ’n’ Move and Champ and he dominated the airwaves, clubs, streaming and his videos were some of the most creative produced last year.

It seems he hasn’t dropped the ball, either. The Light features Dre Island and musically shows depth to young Genna’s portfolio. This track is the first release from his eagerly awaited Humans And Monsters Are Not The Same.

I’ve mentioned that the amount of new music from new artists is overwhelming, but one you have to look out for is from St Thomas in Jamaica and goes by the name Chronic Law – not be confused with Chronixx.

Law has been creating an incredible buzz around the island. Singles like Hill Top Badness and Hillside have caught the attention of many of the genre’s key gatekeepers. Chronic is part of a crew called “6ix”, who have another member from Montego Bay that has the potential of big things this year.


Squash is a name that caught my attention 12 months ago. His single Trending has had his name trending among the other Montegonians, Rygin King and TeeJay. Unfortunately for him, he was accosted by the St James police force during the state of emergency. There is hope that he will be released when the state of emergency ends this month.

A little closer home, an artist that you should keep on you Radar is RaRa. Hailing from south London, this singjay artist caught my attention during the summer with his single Elegance. “Gucci, Louis party” is the intro to this underground favourite that the ladies show appreciation to anytime it comes on.

They also show him a lot of attention when he performs, and he is seemingly another UK star in the making. Hopefully this is all enough to whet your appetite for another year of dancehall and reggae brought to you by Seani B, get ready for the ride!

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