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What is the future of Grenfell tower?

MEMORIAL: Grenfell Tower

WHAT WILL happen to the Tower is still being debated.

However, the site where 72 people lost their lives is likely to be turned into a memorial.

A set of written principles agreed earlier this year with the community and signed by the government and Kensington and Chelsea council, will guide the way future decisions are made.

The common assumption is that the decision-making process on the future of the site will lead towards agreement on a fitting memorial to remember those who lost their lives.

Shahin Sada , Chair of Grenfell United, said in a statement in March: “The future of the Grenfell Tower site has been a major source of anxiety for the bereaved, survivors and local community not least because it is the final resting place of the loved ones we lost in the fire.

“We are pleased that eight months on from the fire we finally have agreement that the bereaved, survivors and community will be at the heart of deciding the legacy of the site.

“We hope working together to create a fitting memorial will be part of a healing process for everyone affected.”

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