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WE’RE ALREADY one month into the year but I’ll blame the timing of this first 2017 column on the Entertainment Editor @DredieMann, as I’ve been ready to write this for a while.

I had so much to be thankful for in 2016. One of the biggest things was growth, I learnt how to communicate better and I also dropped a little of my ego. There are so many situations that could be resolved if the people involved put their ego's aside, i've seen ego's and pride hinder a lot of people and situations. If you take the ego out you often see things with a clearer head. I've been involved in a number of situations where my ego hasn’t served me well.

Another lesson I take from last year is being comfortable with saying no.

What I’ve been guilty of in the past is wanting to please everyone and saying yes to everything, which led to me stretching myself too thin and inevitably letting people down. Business suffered, family suffered and little things turned into big things all because I should have said no in the first place. No isn’t a bad thing.

One thing I’m glad I didn’t say no to, is linking up with Ray J recently, he’s lived a good life and done a lot and there’s plenty more to come. It’s always good to talk to people like that.


At the start of the year I saw that Ray BLK won the BBC Sound Of Music, I recently saw her perform at the GRM Daily Rates Awards and she's definitely one to watch. Other artists who I feel did well last year were Kojo Funds, Ms Banks, J Hus, Big Simz I.Q & Monique Lawz. Keep an eye out for them, they're bringing something a little different to the table, which is always refreshing.

I'd like to extend special congrats to Wiley. A Top Ten independent album and still very relevant in the music game nearly two decades deep, in a genre that many believe he created. I say many believe, not because I don’t believe, but because we’re all appreciative of the artists that are often universally credited with being instrumental in the forming of Grime.

They've all come a long way and Wiley starting 2017 on such a positive note is a welcome addition to the journey of Grime. Privately, we say it all the time,‘who knew Grime would come this far?’

So, on behalf of all the people that won’t see you in person, Wiley, aka the ‘God Father’ of Grime, thanks for your contribution, many a man are in work this year with bright careers ahead of them because of you.

I've noticed that there is a massive niche for professionals over 30 that want to go out once in a while and let their hair down. As a Promoter that identifies with this market I've decided to do a nineties night dedicated to the over 30’s, it's on February 11 at Westbank in Ladbroke Grove.

CONNECTED: Play and K Camp

As well as my night I am excited by the fact that the UK urban scene are finally appreciating UK artists. It’s so good to see UK acts touring up and down the country as well as Internationally.

It’s nice to see Mist doing his thing. If someone said five years ago that there was going to be an artist from Birmingham doing sell-out UK tours people from London might not have taken that seriously. He’s doing impressive numbers. So is Bugzy Malone from Manchester.

I like that there is a scene now, we have an identity.

The importance of that identity is something I learned from mingling with artists in Atlanta. Music lovers will be appreciative of the influence that area of America has had on shaping the music we listen to. I’ve got strong affiliations with a few major players in Atlanta, they’ve taught me a lot.

Hurricane Dave, Jay Tek and Bill Black are very switched on with the new talent out there and their station, HOT 107.9 is the station to be on right now.

Jay Tek is like my brother and he introduced me to a few years ago when he was making waves. Those who follow me on social media would have seen me with K Camp over the festive season. He was over in Europe on a mini tour. Big up to Jason Blaze who is K Camp's DJ and my good friend. He was talking about a few new projects that are coming out this year, he wants to collaborate with UK artists and try to build a relationship between London and Atlanta.

I promised myself that I would travel more this year. The first place I’m heading is BritJam in Jamaica next month, I'll also be at the BET Awards later on in the year and want to touch Coachella and the Essence Festival.

If you’ve procrastinated, made excuses, fallen back into old ways you promised yourself you would change, stop, breathe, take stock and start again. Lets all start from NOW and make the year everything we know it can be. No excuses. There are 11 months left until the end of the year. Make every day count.

Just for the record, @DredieMann has told me that my column will be uploaded every Monday at 7am (GMT). So, from now on, start your week with a little bit of Play.

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