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What's The Play? With Anthony 'Play' Douglas

Mr. Play and Rotimi

SO IT’S the week of love (or so they say) with Valentines and all that good stuff. A lot people will be out on dates with loved ones, others out with people they may not really be interested in but because it's Valentines and with peer pressure they need to do something just to say to friends, work colleagues even family "Yeah, I did this and that …. etc etc" LOL.

Valentine’s Day for me is an everyday thing so much so that I take my daughter to a Valentines meal/dinner every month as I believe that I should teach her that every day is special.

Personally I think the hype for just one day is very over rated, but that’s just my opinion. So, to get a fair representation I decided to ask a few of my friends what Valentines means to them:

Rotimi aka Dre from POWER (@rotimimusic)

I think to me Valentine's Day should be a lifestyle and an everyday thing but the day itself is a reminder. If you're in a great relationship and you believe in love, then Valentine's Day should feel like a regular day.

Dez (@DezSoFly)

Valentines to me simply means LOVE - a special day for everyone. You should give love not to just soulmates but to any & every loved one you have. You should do it everyday but even much more on Valentine's Day. With all things that happens in the world good, bad, etc...When it's all said & done Love is what helps us go through it. Love.

Egypt (@EgyptOfficial)

Valentine's Day is a special day to show the one you love how much they mean to you. It's about romancing the person in your life. Everybody shows acts of kindness and words of affirmation differently, but on this special day, even the smallest gestures can go a long way. Being in the company of the person you love the most is enough.

My new single "My Everything" is about love and putting that person first! Check it out:

Terroll (@TerrolLewis)

I see Valentines like Christmas, not something I go all out on but I love the whole vibe & build up to them. We all know Valentines is for that one day, but tbh it's not about just being romantic for one day it's about finding new ways to be romantic in your relationship as much as you can, that can be from as little as setting date nights during the week to skiing in the Alps, whatever keeps that spark and adventurous side alive in you both.

I'm not a relationship guru but what I can say is I found a friend before I found a 'girlfriend'. Check out our YouTube channel we cover from beauty, fitness lifestyle and even me showing how guys should look after their beards lol... YouTube: Terroll & Nakita

On another note, last week was the launch of my over 30s night #BoomBoxLDN - 90s movie & party night.
I must say ‘What a night!’.

First of all it was refreshing to socialise and party with people my own age. When I go out it's usually just too young or a tad too old, but this was just right. From the people who came at 7pm to watch the film, which happened to be House Party (Come on... I had to, I'm Mr Play after all!) to those who came later to enjoy the music which was on point- the night was full of positive vibes.

I gotta send a BIG shout out to DJ Rob Pursey, TimelessDJ, DJ Milktray, DJ Ace & DJ Gallistair for really entertaining the people.

Rob Pursey set the mood right from the start, he had the ladies singing from 11pm (Yep!!! That early…), from that point I knew it was going be a great night. There is something about 90s music that just leaves you feeling good.

The next #BoomBoxLDN takes place on: Saturday April 8 2017 at the Westbank Gallery in Ladbroke Grove.
For more info, please click here:

To wrap this up, whatever you are doing on Valentine’s Day or during the ‘Week of Love’, make it PLAYful

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