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Whats the play? with Anthony 'Play' Douglas

WORLDWIDE: Mr. Play and Charlie Sloth in Atlanta

THIS WEEK, I'm reporting live from my 2nd home... Atlanta. I'm over here with my boy BBC DJ Charlie Sloth putting in some major work building and bridging the gap between the US and the UK.

The UK scene and the scene here in Atlanta is very similar and there are even some parallels. Whilst we're here, we've been catching up with legends in the scene as well as the next generation.

Mr. Play and Charlie Sloth

It's Charlie's first time in Atlanta, and as you can see from the smile on his face... he's loving it and it won't be his last time. Charlie and I both share the same vision when it comes to creating a bridge that artists from the UK and US can use to merge the cultures. I'll do a piece on Charlie Sloth later on in the year.

It's always love when I get here, a special shout out to my DDB family (Herve and Dee) who always look after me when I touch down in the "A". I've also connected with a lot of my DJ & promoter friends and a lot of artists and producers too.

INSPIRATION: Dallas Austin

I had the pleasure of meeting multi-award winning producer Dallas Austin, who's worked with the likes of Madonna, Boyz II Men and Pink among others. He also owns a studio & nightclub in London called Tape London and is the inspiration to A LOT of producers around the world both old and new.

Speaking of hot Producers, Linz Prag is a new Producer straight out of Charlottesville, Virginia and is on the rise, producing everything from Hip Hop to EDM. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is doing a lot of shows at venues such as Opera. Remember where you heard the name first...

Mr. Play and MoneyBagg Yo

I caught up with Yo Gotti’s CMG artist MoneyBagg Yo, a hot artist straight out of Memphis, Tennessee. He's got a Mixtape called Relentless - Jeeeeezzzzz!!! It goes haaaaarrrrdddd (Google it). There are a few tracks off his mixtape that I'll be bumping in the clubs when I next DJ. Make sure you check out his track Prayers which is out now.

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