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Whats the Play? With Anthony 'Play' Douglas

LINK UP: Silento and Mr. Play

I MET up with Silento last week in London. I remember coming across his music in 2016, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing ‘”watch me me nay nay”.

From the school playground when picking up my daughter, to paying my council tax queuing in the office, I would always hear his tune!

Young, motivated 20-year old “Ricky” from Atlanta, Georgia better known as “Silento” is fresh out of high school and sees himself as a positive role model for the kids, creating music without vanity or bad language.

We had a good chat about what he’s got in the pipeline. Conscious and driven to deliver music to a global audience, Silento sees his talent as a means to cater to everyone and not just himself.

Silento's musical journey began in middle school, where he formed his own group. Although some branched off and made their own group, he continued with one friend, but his friend’s mum wanted him to focus on school, understandably.

Although he had 'Whip it, Nay Nay' for both of them, his friend’s family still didn’t want him to do it, so Silento released the tune himself. They didn’t re-consider once the tune blew up, but now his friend is older he can still do music if he wants to.

I asked him where he sees himself in fives years, and his focus is to still be Silento and help others.

I asked him, if he could work with any producer who would it be and why? He said confidently “DJ Khaled, because I’m one of the best”. Artist wise he said Beyoncé because "she’s legendary" and he admired her hard work.

As many artists release their own clothing line or alcohol brand, I had to ask if he too had a similar plan. Since the age of 13, he’s been a part of an initiative “Future Business Leaders of America” and had a lot of his success a result of planning from young and he knew exactly what he wanted to do and his approach .

He said he wouldn’t have changed anything in hindsight, and sees himself consistently the same from five years back, and considers himself to be well grounded.

He likes UK music, and is going to start working with some of the UK rappers, and shared one of his projects is working with Fredo.

He gave a massive shout out to all the UK fans and thanked them all for their support! Be sure to check out his new single; Watch me - part 2 out today (Jan 22).

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