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Whats The Play? with Anthony 'Play' Douglas


CURRENTLY, I'M out in the "A” (Atlanta). I’ve spent the past week in the studio! You might be wondering why, with which artists and what’s the score? Well, I can’t reveal too much yet, other than it’s for my own personal project (yep exciting!), that I plan to launch this year! Stay tuned for updates.

It’s been great connecting with family and friends out here, and to spend time in T.I’s Grand Hustle studio with a few artists.

LINK UP: Mr. Play with Trillary Banks

A couple of weeks back in London, I caught up with one of the UK's fiercest female MC’s; Trillary Banks (formally known as Pinky GoGetta) representing Leicester City!

When it comes to the UK female music scene, hers is certainly a name you need to familiarise yourself with! Talented with an impressive ability to produce consistent bangers, Banks is poised to become a household name in the not too distant future.

“Real Hot Gyal, Mi Nuh Regular…”

UK-born, with a Caribbean influence, Banks mixes hardcore verses and witty punchlines with traditional style patois! Banks has been making waves lately, especially known for her bad gyal attitude with origins of rap, uk afro/bashment, R&B and dancehall-infused tunes.

She has been dedicated to dropping mixtapes for a while now, with notable entries like Pink Tuesday (2012) and 6 (2015). More recent releases include; Pepper & Spice featuring Inch (Section Boyz) and Nobody Need to Know ft Kimani and produced by Maschineman Tim, which is out now via GRM Daily.

Make sure you follow @trillarybanks6
@trillaryofficial on her socials to find out where to catch her live next.

I’ve recently found about ACKEE Saturday School, which started a few weeks ago down in Battersea. It’s a black history school for 8-12 year olds, that run History, Cooking and Dance classes every other Saturday. Sounds like a great idea to me and I wish I had somewhere like that to go when I was growing up.

Email them for more info

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