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What's The Play? with Anthony 'Play' Douglas

PICTURED: Demarco and Mr. Play

SO I left a sunny but cloudy Atlanta last week to return to the snowy UK - not really the welcome I was hoping for!

It was fantastic hooking up with Jamaican artist and producer Demarco. We spent time in the studio cooking up some new creations!

Last week Friday, the London Lions played Newcastle Eagles at a special “Homecoming” game at the hometown of both myself and the “Brixton Top Cats”. It was an emotional moment for a lot of the Brixton Alumni players. The court was full of energy and despite the unfortunate loss of the London Lions, it was a great game!

It was great to touch base with Marvin Ambrosius - Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, TV Presenter, Vlogger, Podcast host, Entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of Fitfreaks TV. Marvin and I go way back, we used to play ball and train back in the day with the Brixton Top Cats! So it was nice to both be back at the court.

Marvin Ambrosius and Mr. Play

Here’s more about Marvin, his inspiration and how his motivation has spread across the UK and the globe:

Whether you’re new to fitness or a gym fanatic, you may have heard of the new wave of fitness sweeping the country, ‘Fit in 5’, created by entrepreneur’s Marvin Ambrosius and Andre Barret.

Marvin and Andre come from different industries but came together to create the Fitfreaks App which features their sub brand ‘Fit in 5’. After some success with the launch of their App in 2015, Marvin pitched his idea to Sky and soon became the number one fitness trainer for short workouts in the country. Available exclusively for Sky subscribers ‘Fit in 5’ features guest presenters Kirsty Gallacher and Melanie Sykes.

Marvin wasn’t always the healthiest guy - at one point he weighed 18.5 stone and decided he had to make some changes. He realised it was possible to transform your body quickly, but transforming your body quickly and maintaining a healthy balance and lifestyle wasn’t as easy. His weight fluctuated constantly as he couldn’t find anything sustainable and manageable.

Marvin realised it wasn’t working and went back to the drawing board. “It’s important that you challenge yourself. To be successful you have to make yourself uncomfortable to get comfortable sometimes.”

Marvin Ambrosius

Marvin created 5 min workouts that were simple but challenging using body weight only (no equipment needed) for intense workouts focusing on specific areas, full body, strength and cardio. The first series racked up over 1.5 million downloads and is still being downloaded regularly. The success of the show attracted brands and Fit Bit decided to sponsor the next two series.

Marvin saw a huge gap in the market and collaborated with Sky Kids and launched a four-part series called “Kids Fit in 5” to get kids moving more. The show was a hit and featured on the Sky Kids on demand page.

The latest series featuring Kelly Brook and Gethin Jones currently has over 800K downloads and the brand is expanding to global adoption of the Fitfreaks App.

Go to the Android or IOS store and download the Fitfreaks App and watch the Sky 1 On Demand show on Sky.

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