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What's The Play? With Anthony 'Play' Douglas

INSPIRING: From left - Mr. Play with Inspirational You's Sonia Meggie

YESTERDAY WAS Mother's Day - I hope all you ladies with children had a wonderful time. Being a mother is a very challenging task, especially if you have no support, so I want to salute you all. 

Speaking of mothers, I went to an event over the weekend where Motherhood Reconstructed hosted a panel organised by Inspirational You. The topic was, 'What does natural mean in 2017?' which I found very interesting. I enjoyed listening to the inspirational panel of women and the audience as they covered this subject.

SISTERHOOD: The panel at the Motherhood Reconstructed event

It was predominantly women at this event, so I didn't speak or ask any questions, just merely observed. But guess what - I'm gonna say my piece now. I love a woman with natural hair and find that women with bald heads just exude this crazy power and I love me a strong, powerful woman.

In 2017 it's kind of hard as a man to tell the difference between a day one naturalist and a doing it for the likes on Instagram naturalist, but believe me at a later stage we will go into that because that's a whole different column in itself.

ALL TOGETHER NOW: A snapshot of the attendees at Motherhood Reconstructed, organised by Sonia Meggie, far right)

Overall, it was a wonderful event at The Village Centre, Willington Road, SW9 9NB. Check this venue out peeps, great things are gonna be happening there.

For more information, check out the organisers on Instagram: @motherhood_rx @inspirational_u @thevillagecic

It was nice catching up with my friend Simon from R2R at the launch of his new company, Level Up Entertainment. 

Level Up Entertainment will consist of events, management, PR and content creation among other things and was born out of the frustration of having to outsource and pay for services from external companies who profit from the culture, but are not from the culture. 

PARTY PEOPLE: From left, Simon from Level Up Entertainment and DJ Melody Kane (photo credit: Marlon Mckenley of M2Xphotos)

The launch party was a hit with a fun-filled crowd that were moving non-stop and a mixture of great music creating the perfect, feel good atmosphere.

The event was by special invite only meaning everyone in attendance was friends of the team, which created a nice chilled vibe. With a room full of 'bad' yet not pretending to be 'boujois' ladies and debonair men, this wasn't your typical 'industry party', it had an actual party vibe. The launch attracted a young and vibrant London crowd who partied until 3am, with music provided by one of the UK's leading female DJs, @djmelodykane.
It was great to see and catch up with the likes of Ashley Thomas, also known as Bashy, (BlackBoys, 24:Legacy), Sian Anderson from BBC 1xtra and J2K from CrepProtect among others.

Simon has promised that the brand will deliver many more events of this calibre in the near future, so fear not if you missed out on this one.

For more information email: and follow on Instagram:  @Thelevelupparty @SimonR2R @DJMelodyKane

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