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Where might Meghan and Harry jet off to next?

FAMILY: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

THE DUCHESS of Sussex is an immensely popular figure in British life, with a media storm following her every move. Details about her relationship with her new in-laws, her fashion choices, and her personal opinions are relentlessly pored over by the press.

One particular area of her life that attracts perhaps unnecessary amounts of attention are her travel plans. Her honeymoon with Prince Harry was and remains a closely guarded secret, with the prevailing theory being that the happy couple embarked on a luxurious tour through various, undisclosed African countries (Namibia and Mozambique are believed to have been on the itinerary).

Her summer vacation plans and subsequent US visits in the months after the wedding were again furiously speculated over, with everyone wanting to know where the Duchess was planning on jetting off to next.

Like all young royals, chances are Meghan will be heading off to some glamorous hotspots in the coming spring, to bask in some sun away from the bitter London cold.

Based on where Windsors both young and old love to spend their spring breaks, here's where Meghan could be jetting off to next.


This first one might come as a surprise to people who aren't keen watchers of the House of Windsor.

However, this captivating rural region of Romania has long been a favoured haunt of certain members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, who has long-described it as his favourite destination and even owns a guesthouse there that charges £100 a night for a room. Perhaps Meghan will find herself in the master suite this spring.

Las Vegas

This could be a touchy one, given how her spouse's last trip to the City of Sin went. However, the bright lights and endless temptations of Vegas have continued to have a strong allure among the younger members of the royal family.

It has long been known that certain royals have a penchant for games such as Baccarat, Texas Hold 'Em, Roulette, and Blackjack, with Vegas undoubtedly being the best place for it.

Though Vegas likely won't offer the European Roulette that royals are more accustomed to playing, all of their favourite casino card games, including options popular with online players such as pontoon and 7 card stud, will certainly be available for Meghan, should she choose Sin City as her next vacation spot.

The Virgin Islands

When royals aren't getting papped in Vegas hotel suites, they tend to prefer a bit of discretion on their holidays. That's why the Virgin Islands, favoured haunt of Meghan's late mother-in-law Diana, has always come out on top as the preferred spring vacation destination for many many royals.

In particular, the British billionaire Richard Branson's elite resort Necker Island has hosted its fair share of royals, not least Harry himself in his younger days. This could easily be up next on Meghan's travel bucket list.


Of course, the royals do know how to keep it low-key when needs be. There are countless royal estates up and down the UK, but this picturesque corner of Wales has been a major attraction for royals for decades. Royals usually stay in the sprawling Plas Dinas Country House, an ancient estate owned by a close family friend, Lord Snowdon. Perhaps the royal couple will find themselves in the Valleys this Easter.

This is all pure speculation, but if you're an ardent royal-watcher hoping to anticipate where to find them next, these guesses are the most informed out there.

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