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Which sectors have benefited from digital?

SOME PEOPLE are quick to decry the digitisation of many sectors. We used to be taught that we wouldn’t have a calculator in our pocket as we went about our life, but that very advancement is one of many that show that digitisation is a force for good.

We’ve moved from analogue radio to digital, from actual film reel to digital equivalents, and even from tape and CD to digital downloads. Even more traditional pastimes, such as playing poker and roulette have been given their digital revolution. But what are three surprising sectors that have benefitted from the online boom?


Advertising may not be as noticed nowadays in people’s lives, but we couldn’t imagine being without the slew of ads we get across the board. At a time when white noise and saturation meant that TV ads and billboard ads were shouting at the masses, digital means of disseminating ads cleverly came about.

The main way advertising has benefitted from digitisation is the data collection that enables the right ads being able to target the right consumer. Social media also plays a large part in ensuring we see ads that we find useful and relevant – which could benefit us as much as it provides a sale for the company placing the ads.


The casino industry has taken a series of centuries-old games and digitised them which have ensured that fans are able to engage with the games wherever they go, as well as enticing new fans that are interested in utilising the newer technology.

Canadian gambling habits show that online casinos have a return to player rate of 96%, while land casinos have 60%, which demonstrates that online casinos offer a more favourable player experience. The range of games available online compared to their land-based competitors can also be chopped and changed and monitored – with those video slot games that do well being highlighted more and those which aren’t played as much replaced by others that focus on the latest technology.

Small business

Smaller businesses are able to start and benefit more through digital means. Previously, small businesses relied on large amounts of capital and many overheads in order to provide a product or service, whereas now businesses can be started online for minimal amounts of money.

Indeed, many people are taking up online professions as secondary to their primary jobs, which allows extra income to be earned and side-hobbies to be turned into a fully-fledged career. As more small businesses grow, they are able to absorb some of the digitisation that other sectors are facing to embrace the future.

Digital is the future and as we now realise how we can harness its power further we are able to apply it to more sectors to improve industry and appeal to a new crop of target consumers. Whether this is applying data science and modern methods of communication to age-old advertising, or updating table games to feature live versions that harness the newest technology.

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