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White adoptive mum thanks woman for black hair lessons

HELPING HAND: Monica Hunter (left), Stephanie Hollifield (right) and her daughter Haley (centre) (Photo credit: Facebook(

A WHITE adoptive mother of a 2-year-old black child has thanked a black woman for helping her learn how to manage her daughter’s hair.

Stephanie Hollifield adopted her daughter Hayley at eight months old and soon began to face challenges as she lacked knowledge on how to treat, style and protect black hair.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, in a Facebook post on Friday, Hollifield sent out a message asking other black women to offer up advice on styling and combing Haley's hair.

She wrote in her post: “This clueless white momma is humbly coming to you to ask your help with Haley's hair. I have asked my friends. I have asked strangers in Publix with kids with cute hair, and I'm still not getting it.

“I feel like it looks great for about an hour or two and then it is tangly and clumpy again,” she wrote. “What am I doing wrong? I have literally bought every product that has been recommended to us. I desperately want to get this right!”

After sending out her plea, Monica Hunter - a black mother of three children - offered to help Hollifield with one-on-one hair lessons.

On Sunday, Hunter arrived at Hollifield’s place armed with supplies to help the mother learn how to do her daughter's hair.

“It was important to me to touch Haley's hair,” Monica told Yahoo Lifestyle.”Some hair is really soft, some is really kinky. With some, the coils are loose, with some, they're tight.”

She explained that Haley's hair was 'clean, soft and manageable' and has 'tight curls'. It was advised for the hair to be washed less than Caucasian hair so it wouldn't lose its natural oils.

Hunter then showed Hollifield how to part the hair into little ponytails with the help of oils.

Taking to Facebook to speak on Hunter’s help, Hollifield said: “This lady, Monica Hunter, who I had never met in person before today, offered to come to my house and walk me through exactly how to style my daughter’s hair.”

“She gave us her time, advice, headbands, combs and hair product. She asked for nothing in return and wouldn’t accept my money. By the time she left, I had a little more confidence in fixing my daughter’s hair, and most importantly I felt supported by my new friend. In a time of so much hate and division, our world needs more people like this.”

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