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White couple says "We don't tip black people"

SHOCKING: The comment left on a receipt by a white couple from Virginia, USA CREDIT: ABC

A VIRGINIAN woman says a white couple left her a racist note complimenting the quality of her service but refusing to leave a tip because they "don't tip black people."

The news was reported by Virginian local news station KMOV after speaking with Kelly Carter, a server at the restaurant. She claims that the couple, both white and in their 20s, finished their meals before leaving the note on their $30 bill. When she found the bill, it read, "Great service, don't tip black people."

"I looked at the receipt three times is what I did," Carter told Washington's News4. "Because I was shocked. Because I’ve never, never being a server seen that."


Carter's manager Tom Tellez told News4 he was "appalled" by the note, but added that it's "kind of in line with the political landscape."

KMOV also reports that two of Carter's regular customers shared a photo of the bill on Facebook, which quickly went viral and had been shared hundreds of times.

For her part, Carter claims the note won't break her spirit and says she'd serve the couple if they visited the restaurant again. "He didn't hurt me. He only hurt himself," she told KMOV. "He only makes us stronger."​

Customers are now rallying to support Carter after receiving the racist note.

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