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White supremacists jailed for stirring up racial hatred

PICTURED: Chad Williams-Allen and Garry Jack (Photo credit: West Midlands Police)

FOUR EXTREMSTIS who belong to the banned group National Action have been found guilty after inciting racial hatred at Aston University, Birmingham.

Chad Williams-Allen, 26, Gary Jack, 22 and two other men, who cannot be named for legal reasons, placed five racist stickers across the campus in July 2016.

The offensive stickers included slogans such as “white zone” and "Britain is ours the rest must go” which were backed against images of masked faces and one, contained a raised arm in a Nazi-style salute.

The prosecution argued the images were abusive, insulting and designed to incite fear across the university. They also believed the group tried to enforce a hostile environment where non-white people would not be welcome.

Sue Hemming from the Crown Prosecution said: “These men were committed members of National Action who went to Aston University with the intention of stirring up racial hatred.

Their hope was to inspire others to stoke racial tensions but their criminal attempt to incite others to despise, reject, and expel non-whites failed.”

At the hearing, members of the jury were shown encrypted messages from a chat in which Williams-Allen sent an image of a National Action sticker and wrote: “Back in brum - disgusting n*****s and pakis everywhere.”

Williams-Allen was jailed for 21 months and Jack received a 12-month sentence suspended for two years. The two other men received 12 months and 16 months each.

In December 2016, National Action became the first far-right group to be proscribed under the Terrorism Act 2000.

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