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White woman calls police on black man wearing socks in pool

A WHITE woman from Memphis, Tennessee, was fired from her job at an apartment building after she was recorded calling the police on a black man who was wearing socks while swimming in a pool.

The confrontation between the woman - Erica Walker - and the man was recorded by Camry Porter while she was at the pool area at the Riverset Apartments with her boyfriend and two godchildren on July 4.

Porter claims Walker said her boyfriend needed to remove his socks or leave. Porter later posted a video of the incident on Facebook, which has received over one million views.

Speaking to WREG-TV Porter said: "And she [Walker] was like, 'Well, I'm the property manager,' and she pointed at the rules. The rules say, 'Proper pool attire.' It doesn't specify what proper pool attire is."

Porter said Walker told them hats were also prohibited from the pool, but didn't approach several white men who were wearing hats in the pool.

"You know everything happening in the nation now, and like, now I'm a part of it. It hits home," Porter told WREG-TV, adding that she believes they were singled out because of their race.

"It does look funny," she explained. "It's 25, 30-plus white people out here and you haven't said anything. You're partying with them! But when we come, it's an issue."

When police arrived at the scene, Porter and her boyfriend decided to leave.

Trilogy Residential Management said that Walker, who was a manager at one of their properties, was "terminated immediately after we completed our investigation."

The company said Walker would "never be employed by Trilogy Residential Management, LLC or any of its properties in the future."

The viral video is the latest in a series of widely publicised incidents captured on video.

Two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks earlier this year while sitting in the cafe without ordering anything.

Another viral video from June showed a white woman, dubbed by social media users as “Permit Patty,” calling 911 on a black girl selling bottled water in San Francisco.

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