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Why Nathalie Emmanuel won’t be playing Princess Tiana

PICTURED: Nathalie Emmanuel

AS THE end of Game of Thrones approaches, many fans of the show are wondering what’s next for its cast.

For one cast member, Nathalie Emmanuel, there’s a role that is definitely off the cards.

After director Matthew A Cherry asked who would play the part of Princess Tiana in a life-action remake of the Disney hit The Princess and the Frog, after a fan of the animated film suggested Rome Trumain should play the prince, one Twitter user replied with a gif of Emmanuel in the hit HBO series which is in its final season.

But she was quick to rule herself out.

“Nah that part has to go an even more melanated sister,” she tweeted in response to the suggestive gif.

Cherry responded “We stan a self aware queen.”

Emmanuel further disqualified herself from the role by adding another, light-hearted comment.

“Also one that can sing sing not like sing in the shower kinda well,” she wrote.

Cherry was just one of numerous people who responded to express admiration for Emmanuel's considerate reply.

“You have risen to another level in my book,” one commenter wrote.

“This is sisterhood goals,” said another.

It’s not the first time the character, Disney’s first black princess, has been at the centre of a debate over skin colour.

Last year, anti-racism campaigners called out Disney for white-washing the historic character after she was shown with significantly lighter skin and hair, and a narrower nose in a promo for Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Following the complaints, Disney animators redrew the character.

In March, Emmanuel opened up about receiving racist abuse online.

She addressed those sending her abusive messages and said she would report them to the police.

"So to people who think it's acceptable to send me racist abuse to get me to notice you...I have all the time in the world to just block your stupid a**e.
"I will never stop reporting you. I will never EVER respond to you...I have reported others to the police... Also f*** off!" she wrote.

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