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Why should Ferdinand shake Terry's hands?

TO SHAKE OR NOT TO SHAKE: Anton Ferdinand clashes with John Terry

'YOU F***ING black c*nt are the damning words Chelsea player, John Terry, is alleged to have said to fellow footballer, QPR's Anton Ferdinand when their two sides met last October.

The two teams are meeting once again today and there has been discussions as to whether or not Ferdinand should shake hands with Terry pre-match. The motion has divided people, some saying he should and others saying he shouldn't.

In 2010 Wayne Bridge snubbed Terry's out stretched hand following claims that the latter had slept with the former's ex girlfriend.

Then, the pundits and public rallied behind Bridge, saying he was right reason not to do so as he had been wronged by a former team mate and friend. Then why are people pushing for Ferdinand to shake hands with Terry?

Why is Chelsea boss, known simply as AVB within football circles, suggesting that Ferdinand shake hands with his team's captain?
My take on these two incidents is simple: What Terry did was proven and by bedding Bridge's baby mama, he broke a universal code. He did something everyone can understand, even if they haven't experienced it personally, they could still relate to.

What Terry is accused of having said to Ferdinand is still exactly that, allegations that are yet to be proved (despite video clips that show him uttering the damning words).

But that aside, what people, who are pushing for Ferdinand to set his feelings aside and shake hands with Terry, don't understand is how hurtful those words are to the recipients.

While the general public can relate to not wanting to talk or act friendly to a man who's gone behind another's back, few can truly understand the scope of what racial abuse can do to a person.

So for all those who are urging Ferdinand to set his feelings aside and step up and shake Terry's hands at Loftus Road, please try to put yourself in this man's place. Mission impossible, however.

Remove the racial aspect and try to imagine you being asked to shake your feelings off for someone who insulted your mother. Or your sister. How does it feel now? Would you shake the abuser's hand? I don’t think so.

Whilst both teams have warned supporters about their behaviour, Ferdinand is in a tough spot.

If he doesn't shake Terry's hand, he will be dubbed as a person who keeps grudges and has difficulties moving on. If he does, he will be labeled soft and a sell-out. Let’s also not forget that whatever he chooses to do may impact (directly or indirectly) the court case which starts on Wednesday.

Whatever he decides to do, it will be a case of 'damned if he does, damned if he doesn't'.

Either way, he is going to be judged.

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