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On the Whyte path

PICTURED: Dillan Whyte

DILLIAN WHYTE says each day that passes makes him hungrier than ever to realise his long held dream of fighting for and winning a world title.

If a boxer has ever done it the hard way then Whyte can count himself among them.

Having dealt with the frustration of not being fancied as an amateur fighter, to then be suspended for falling foul of a doping violation early in his professional career, the 29-year-old south Londoner could have been one of those names that fell by the way-side.


However, that isn’t the Whyte way, a fighter through and through, his match up against Lucas Browne on March 24 represents the last step before he pits himself against the best boxers on the planet. But he must win or all the opportunities that may come next might not materialise.

“It means a lot for me to be headlining, it’s what we’ve worked for, to try and become a main headline star, that’s where it’s at in boxing to be honest,” Whyte told the Voice of Sport.

He added: “Lucas Browne is 25 and 0, a former world champion who has had his ups and downs, he’s said and done some controversial things but all of that aside, it’s a good fight. He’s a big puncher, six foot, five inches with 23 knockouts so he’s very dangerous, but these are the fights I like to get involved in as everyone knows.”

He added: “I want to knock him out, he wants to knock me out so I doubt it’s going to go the distance.”

Whyte readily admits that his rage and anger got him to a point in his professional career but honing his skills since his one and only defeat two and half-years years ago has been the priority, skills we’ll see against Browne next month.

Looking back in order to look ahead Whyte said: “Since the defeat to Joshua every fight has been vital and been a defining fight for me, I’ve been on the comeback trail and I was very close to breaking through, if I’d have beaten him I would be the man right now.

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