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Will lifting weights make me look masculine?

GIRLS WHO LIFT: Racquel Sinclair

WHAT IS the general consensus when it comes to weight training? and why do some women get the idea that the moment they make contact with weights, they will lose all femininity and perhaps transform in to their counterparts?

This is incorrect in many more ways then one!

It’s unfortunate that there are many women who refuse to go to the gym and lift weights because they believe that in doing so, it'll result in a masculine physique.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, which deters women who go to the gym to do weight training. They lack knowledge of the body, knowledge of training and the effects of what the different training methods will have on their body.

Quite a large proportion of women who go to the gym regularly will systematically follow a cardiovascular training routine. They believe entirely in this method, that it will ultimately result in achieving the body type that they desire. Well I’m not sorry and I am required to be blunt here, but if your goal is to be, what I like to call “skinny-fat”, then please continue!

Now let’s not be mistaken, cardio is a fantastic training method which results in fat burn and building fitness. However, in my opinion, there are other training methods that I deem to be more effective such as as high intense interval training (HIIT), circuit training, explosive training and weight training. All of these types of methods are fantastic for fat burn and building lean muscle.


The difference is, that training steady state cardio will burn fat and also result in muscle loss. Where-as, HIIT training or circuit training are efficient, effective, explosive and will push you to your 100% maximum in less time and when incorporated with weights, it'll also increase your fat burn, your cardiovascular fitness and help to build lean muscle mass.

So if you are somebody that wants to be lean but you also want to have shape, then it’s recommended that you lift.

Now of course, the rep range that you do with your training will also decipher the type of results that you will attain i.e. low weights and high repetitions will help with sculpting and building lean muscle whereas heavy weights and low repetitions will help with building muscle mass.

So I say that to say this: incorporate weights into your training as part of your regular regiment, which will also help with building bone density and reducing the risk of injury.

Your body is multifaceted, so it’s only right that you train in multiple training methods. Build your body effectively, provide your body with longevity, after all, you will only ever have one body, so train effectively, efficiently and consistently.

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