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Willie McCoy was shot around 25 times by police, says lawyer

PICTURED: Willie McCoy

A YOUNG man who was shot dead by police after he fell asleep in his car was shot around 25 times, the lawyer representing his family has said.

Willie McCoy, a rapper known as Willie Bo, was killed by police in the car park of a branch of Taco Bell in Vallejo, California, on February 9.

The 20-year-old had been asleep in his car before officers approached him and attempted to gain access to his vehicle.

Officers say that McCoy was unresponsive and had a gun in his lap and that they opened fire after he suddenly began to move.

The doors of McCoy’s car were locked, according to a Vallejo police statement. But Melissa Nold, a lawyer for McCoy’s family, has questioned officers’ claims that they were unable to gain access because the front passenger window was already broken and had a plastic sheet covering it that could have been removed, according to Nold.

"Overkill is an understatement," Nold told NBC News.

She said McCoy had been shot in his face and throat and that bullets had blown off part of his ear.

Ryan McMahon, one of the six police officers involved in the shooting of McCoy, had previously fatally shot an unarmed black man and is being subjected to an excessive force lawsuit, The Guardian reported.

Ronnell Foster, a 32-year-old father-of-two, had been been riding his bike when he was stopped by McMahon who hit him over the head with a flashlight and later shot him multiple times in the back and the back of the head, according to civil lawsuit documents.

Another officer involved in McCoy shooting had previously been sued by a Vallejo teenager’s family over police brutality, The Guardian reported.

As well as McMahon, the other officers involved in McCoy’s death have been named as Collin Eaton, Bryan Glick, Jordan Patzer, Anthony Romero-Cano and Mark Thompson.

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