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Windrush: Albert Thompson gets cancer treatment date

PICTURED: Albert Thompson

ALBERT THOMPSON, the man who was denied NHS cancer care because of his inability to prove his right to free treatment, has received a date for his radiotherapy.

Thompson (not his real name), one of the high profile Windrush cases, has been waiting to receive treatment for prostate cancer since November.

His inability to be able to provide documentation to prove his right to free NHS treatment meant that he was denied treatment in lieu of being able to prove his immigration status or pay the £54,000 cost for care.

A Go Fund Me page set up in order to fund treatment for the 63-year-old has raised almost £46,000 of a £54,000 total.

A message on the page, which is still open for donations, states that a decision is being made over what to do with the funds now that Thompson’s free treatment has been confirmed.

“I am in discussion with all relevant parties about what the best use of funds is, and I will confirm this with everyone as soon as possible. It will take some coordination, and liaising with lawyers to work out how Albert is able to access the fund, so please be patient,” wrote Jacqueline Culleton, the organiser of the fundraising page.

Speaking to The Voice before the issue of his treatment was resolved, Culleton said that Thompson was prevented from receiving treatment even though it was known that he had cancer because of “a racist system that seems almost designed to make it incredibly difficult for people like Albert to prove that they have a right to remain in the UK and enjoy the benefits that they are entitled to.”

She added: “My dad was Irish, and came to live in Ladbroke Grove, West London in the 60s, like many people from the West Indies. He still had a strong accent, and was clearly not originally from the UK. There is pretty much no difference between his situation and Albert's, and yet he was never asked for his passport to get the cancer treatment he needed. I can only conclude that that is because of the difference in the colour of their skin.”

Bridget Clarke, a supporter of the Go Fund Me fundraising page that was originally set up in aid of Thompson’s cancer care, said: “Hey Albert, I’m so very happy for you to be able to now have to treatment that you so much deserve. The way in which you have been treated by this government is disgusting. Good Luck with everything, Albert, wishing you all the best for your future.”

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