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Wiz FITT workout class will get your blood pumping

INTENSE: Kyle Hylton wants to make his community fitter and healthier

TRAINER KYLE Hylton has recently launched Wiz FITT, a high-intensity fitness class that takes place in the new state-of-the-art studio at Kings Gym in Purley, south London.

With a plan to make fitness more accessible than heading to the locations in central London, Hylton felt that his local residents of Croydon should be able to experience high-intensity workout classes effectively on their doorsteps.

He said: "My aim with launching this fitness class is to try and make our community a fitter and healthier place and having lived in Croydon my entire life, I am very passionate about making a positive change in the area.”

Hylton says the motivation behind his craft is spurred on by the sense of community that the classes invoke. “Everyone really wants to motivate and push each other and no one feels isolated or left out.

“They all want to work hard and get down to business. They come and do what they have to do and at the end of the day, they get the results,” he explained.

Providing a fully-loaded class that focuses on a variety of different exercises to target to the whole body, Hylton jam packs a range of activities in the half-hour session.

From jack presses with weighted balls, mountain climbers, right the way through to plank hops, Hylton’s session ensures that your core areas are covered.

Class attendee Serena said: “Today’s class was lots of energy, good vibes and a guaranteed workout." She was joined by pal Julia. They said “Kyle is very attentive as a trainer”.

Serena added: “I have an injury so he adapted things for me, which was really nice. I feel I’ve had a weeks worth of a workout, it’s such a good class."

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