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Would you date a man with weave?

BEFORE AND AFTER: A client shows off the MAN weave

AWARD-WINNING celebrity hairstylist Natasha John Lewis has always led the way when it comes to innovation and is certainly making her mark when it comes to men.

Her latest project sees her redefining male grooming with the introduction of the MAN weave. Hailing from America, this new trend is giving hundreds of men their confidence back and the figures are set to increase as the MAN weave has proven to be very popular.

The question is, would you date a guy with weave?

For years, women have been enhancing their natural beauty with hair extensions, make up and cosmetic surgery to name a few, so why is it more acceptable for a woman than a man?

Speaking to John Lewis of My Hair Bar salon, in Warren Street London, we asked her why she thought people were less accepting when it came to men.

She said, “I think men are more sensitive when it comes to things like this and can feel embarrassed but once they see the results they are fully on board.

“As it’s a fairly new technique, people are still getting their heads around it. I love seeing their faces once it’s complete. It’s like I’ve given them their mojo back, you can see the boost in confidence straight away.”

John Lewis, who is personal hair stylist to Beverley Knight, has been in the business for 26 years winning multiple awards, the latest being Bridal Hairstylist of the year award in 2016.

It was on a trip to Atlanta at the Bronner’s Brother’s hair show that Natasha was inspired to bring the popular trend to the UK.

Explaining the technique Natasha said:

“Initially a photo of the client is sent in order to give me a clear indication of what will be needed and to understand what it is the client would like to achieve.

“From this I can identify and source the correct type of hair that will be used. I can then make a custom made unit that is glued on and once this is ready I’ll get them in for it be installed.

“I work along side a barber and once the weave has been installed he will style the hair as desired and then I will do the finishing touches. The whole process takes about two hours.”

This new trend will set you back about £250 depending on what you are having done and will last about two months, however John Lewis reminds us that, “it's water resistant not waterproof. It’s fairly low maintenance, a do rag will help to keep it neat.”

John Lewis has been working at My Hair Bar for nearly two years and they have recently been nominated for Time Out’s top 10 Afro Hair Salons in London. The stylist plans to get even more creative and hopes to introduce new hair looks for men.

“I want them to have as many options as possible, I’d like to introduce dreads, side partings, you name it. Before the MAN weave, you would either be bald or wear a toupee. I’m here to get them back in the game.

“My advise to both men and women wearing weave would be to make sure you go to a qualified hairdresser, there are too many people out there claiming they can do weave.

“I feel like my job first and foremost is to make sure you look after your natural hair underneath as well. You don’t want to be worse off than when you started.

“My experience over the years, especially for men means I can make it look as natural as possible which is one of the issues men have. You need to be able to trust your stylist.”

Find Natasha John-Lewis at: My Hair Bar, 22 Warren Street, London W1T 5LU. Contact her on 0207 380 0188 and follow her on Instagram @dvatash

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