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Yale elects first-ever black student body president

PICTURED: Kahlil Greene, Yale's first-ever black student body president (Image: Kahlil Green/Facebook)

YALE UNIVERSITY has elected its first-ever black student body president.

Kahlil Greene is the first black person appointed to the role in the prestigious university’s 318-year history.

As the president of the student body, Greene will be responsible for addressing issues faced by undergraduates on campus.

“I feel like I wanted to kind of amplify the voices of the underserved communities on campus, especially students of colour. So being the first black president, I feel like I’m in a position where I can really do that,” Greene told Fox 5.

He said while he did feel a little extra pressure being the first black president, he felt his appointment was symbolic of the progress that the university has made over the years.

“We can be a more diverse and inclusive campus and I’m grateful for the role that I’ll have in making that happen,” he said.

Greene wore the Yale Kente sweatshirt during his appearance on Fox 5. The apparel represents the black students at the institution.

The junior year student who served on the Yale College as finance director campaigned with a policy plan that focused on four areas: the facilitation of meaningful interactions between Yale and New Haven; the fostering of a safer, healthier and more equitable campus culture; the enhancement of the quality of the University’s academics and facilities; and the improvement of the YCC’s capacity to cater to student demands, Yale Daily News reported.

His friend Jackie Woldemariam described Greene as motivated and dedicated.

She told Yale University Press: “He is the type of person that is very good when it comes to cultural and social affinity groups.

“I think he will be a president who is very attentive to students’ needs and will work with other student groups to bring about actual changes.”

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