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Young people urged to grasp apprenticeship opportunities

ALL TOGETHER NOW: Attendees from last year's Voice Apprenticeships Forum

APPRENTICESHIPS ARE about giving everyone the chance to reach their potential and across the UK, more and more people are recognising their value.

The Government’s goal for three million more apprentices by 2020 still holds true.

However, the figures still reveal that although improving, there is still a level of under-representation in apprenticeship programmes from the black and minority ethnic (BAME) community.

It is for this reason that following on from last year, The Voice is pleased to again produce its apprenticeship supplement, with the kind support of the National Apprenticeship Service and HSBC.


Paulette Simpson, director of The Voice, said:

“We are pleased to publish this supplement for a second time, and to continue encouraging young people to think seriously about their future careers.

The Voice supports opportunities that apprenticeship programmers provide, and we are keen to support companies that make a concerted effort to engage with young people from diverse communities.

“We urge parents to become even more informed and assist the younger generation to identify and apply for these programmes.

“We again thank HSBC and the National Apprenticeship Service for supporting this initiative and we are con dent that this targeted approach will again yield positive benefits for all the participating companies.”

Apprenticeships have been proven to deliver work for young people leaving school, which gives them a chance to earn while they learn.

Numerous employers from across the UK have again indicated that they have a real desire to create a diverse workforce and are keen to attract young people from the BAME community.

Apprenticeships are beneficial to both employers and apprentices.

Leading UK companies and organisations have again demonstrated their commitment by dedicating resources to participate in the supplement to inform potential apprentices of the opportunities that exist in their respective organisations and to attract new talent from this pool of untapped young people from the BAME community.

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