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This young woman is sharing her journey as a cancer survivor

SURVIVOR: Charlotte Crowl

CHARLOTTE CROWL has a lot to say. The young writer has lived quite the life so far, having being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 and undergoing treatment for 2 years.

For the young woman, her perspective on life changed drastically due to the illness, and she has detailed it all in her book Cancer | The Hidden Truth – a frank and truthful account of a young cancer survivor and everything she went through from the good, the bad and the ugly.

Q: Tell me more about your story as a cancer survivor and what you went through?

A: When I was diagnosed with cancer, I went through many side effects. From the common ones like loosing my hair, to being so weak that I couldn’t walk along with the pain and sickness.

Then I went through the not so common ones, like psychosis where I couldn't control my emotions and I had a voice in my head. The one that still affects me to this day is what happened two weeks before my 18th birthday as a result of my body reacting to the toxins in chemotherapy. My body shut down over a period of hours, I couldn’t walk, talk, move or even swallow my own saliva. I was trapped in my own body and doctors didn’t know when or even if I would recover.

Q: How long was you paralysed for?

A: I was able to stand after about a month but I could only take a few steps, so I was in a wheelchair for some time. The doctor’s main focus was on getting rid of the cancer but my mind couldn’t help but focus on my physical rehabilitation. I have spent years working with physiotherapist, personal trainers, acupuncturist, kinesiologist and various other types of holistic and complementary therapists. I have made amazing improvements but I still have more to do.

Cancer | The Hidden Truth

Q: Tell me more about your book, and the overall production process for it?

A: I decided I wanted to help people be more health conscious. So I set up Pure Helps To Cure, which is a registered community interest company. It’s all about natural health, lifestyle and mindset. Underneath Pure Helps to Cure CIC I then went on to write and self publish a book. It is self-funded and profits go to vetted cancer charities and projects.

It is a true account of everything I went through on my journey but it shows even though I went through it I came out standing. It has sad, funny and happy parts, and I would say it’s a real eye opener.

Q: How did the book help you process your feelings and your mental state?

A: It was a very therapeutic experience getting all my feelings out, because I put things in the book that I had never before shared with anyone. At first I was scared to publish the book because but then I realised that it was bigger than me and I knew it would help people.

You mentioned that people don't really explore the mental and physical struggle that cancer survivor go through. Tell me more about your struggles and how you explore that in the book?

A: When you hear about cancer you either hear someone has survived it or passed, but it is rare to hear the real struggles people go through. In my book, I go into detail and hold nothing back about the emotional and physical struggle I went through during and post treatment.

The Voice's Garfield Robinson and Charlotte Crowl

Q: As a young woman, its rare to here cancer associated with young people. How do you think we can raise awareness to young people about taking their health seriously and getting checked out?

A: That is something I am currently working on now by spreading the word through my book, website, talking engagements and workshops. As young people, we take a lot for granted but we need to step back, look at our lifestyles and see if there are changes we can make for the better.

Q: What would you like people to take away from reading it?

A: It's a book for everyone so I want people to gain more knowledge about what a cancer experience can really be like. I want to motivate people to not giving up in the hope that my personal journey can inspire people from all walks of life who are facing difficulties.

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