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Your Tale: Poetry collection

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WELCOME TO a brand new edition of Your Tale, the feature that publishes your creative work. I am joyful to introduce Annika Spalding and her five poems: Emancipation; Voices; The End; Independent Woman; Missing You.

The 25-year-old mother from Birmingham, who has “a passion for reaching out to people through [her] writing”, composes verse as an emotive expression that helps navigate her own life.

“I tend to write my poetry at times when I am upset, sad or just feeing emotional”, says Spalding, who writes short stories.

“And I use that emotion to create something I hope to be beautiful and touching.

“My mum died from cancer when I was 18, and much of what I write is a way of helping myself to come to terms with that loss and at the same time encourage positivity and self belief.”

Her five poems illustrate her poignant consciousness. “I have noticed that people relate to what I write.

“Writing is a good outlet when you're feeling down, sad and lost, and also when you have something to be happy about", she says. "Life is a journey, full of lessons, challenges and obstacles. I hope my writing documents my own life journey, and continues to help others in the way it helps me.”

Bart Chan, Your Tale editor



Now I am free, I can breathe,
If I reach out I'll touch the sky,
If I stop for one second I might miss my life,
So I'm looking ahead with wide eyes.

Things until now haven't been easy,
And, for my freedom, I've had to fight,
Until the grips of negativity released me,
Now I'm back on the path that feels right.

So watch me now as I fly,
As I spread out my butterfly wings,
I have no tears, no need to cry;
Just happy song for my heart to sing.


Try as you might, you can’t protect
Your loved ones from hurt and harm.
Childhood memories can still affect
Even those who remain quite calm.

We push away the thoughts
And try to forget our past;
Emotions we struggle to sort
Our strength we know won’t last.

So take a little time,
Share a few kind words,
Because someone somewhere crossed the line
And our voices were never heard.

The End

When my time is up, and I’ve reached the end,
I’ll go with a smile, as though death were my friend.

I will remember the warm feeling of love,
The cosiness of kisses and the security of hugs,
My child’s face, so peaceful as she sleeps,
A memory of mine, of many, I will keep.

When my time is up, and I’m ready to leave,
There’ll be no tears to wipe upon my sleeve.

Heartbreak will never reach me again,
Nor will the betrayal of a false friend,
I will not cry myself to sleep,
Waiting for the depression to slowly creep,

When my time is up, and I’m ready to go,
I’ll go willingly, I’ll have you know.

I will not look back with big sad eyes,
And I won’t carry a heavy heart.
I’ll be letting go of all the anger,
When I’m gone, I will make a fresh start.

I’ll look back on my life with a feeling of pride,
Grateful for what I had known before I died.

When my time is up, do not shed a tear, my friend.
I’ll be waiting for you to join me, because this is not The End.

Independent Woman

An independent woman, commands respect,
Her presence is known in every room.
Her heart, she works hard to protect,
Any vulnerability locked away in a tomb.

An independent woman knows her own worth,
She is nobody’s fool.
She recovers quickly from heartbreak and hurt,
And won’t drown in a self-pity pool.

This independent woman answers only to herself,
She is the ruler of her world.
Her family and friends are her wealth,
Any haters will be hurled.

An independent woman is strong and wise,
She goes into battle alone.
Life’s lessons have taught her to survive,
Her successes are well known.

This independent woman will be direct,
She will always speak her mind.
Honesty and consistency you can expect,
A more genuine person you won’t find.

Missing You

My heart still hurts,
From the day you died.
My eyes still raw,
From all the tears I’ve cried.

Five years have passed,
But I still grieve.
Time seems to go fast,
But the sadness won’t leave.

I can’t speak about you,
Without fighting back the pain
I can’t smile without you,
Because I won’t see yours again.

I can’t fill the hole in my heart,
The bit that died with you.
I feel like my life is missing a part,
And I’m having to make do.

I miss you when I feel alone,
I need you more than ever.
To speak to me in a soft tone,
And tell me to keep it together.

I hope when you look down on me,
Your chest fills with pride.
Because life, we know, isn’t easy,
And it got harder the day you died.

LOVED ONES: Annika (below centre) with friends


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