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Youth entrepreneurship programme set-up by local millionaire

GIVING BACK: Entrepreneurial author Charles Gordon is spearheading a new charitable initiative

ENTREPRENEUR TRIPLE-threat Charles Gordon, property and music mogul, as well as the author behind The Secrets of Empowerment self-help guide is now giving back to the community with a training programme for budding young business people.

The programme, The Charles Gordon Enterprise Initiative will support and promote the development of entrepreneurial talents which are often ignored by schools and parents that are not sure how to channel the interest young people show in this potentially lucrative life path.

Recalling his interaction with the British schooling system, Gordon believes that the ‘fittest’ or those with the potential to become society’s future leaders, are singled out at an early age—not to be encouraged, but to be stifled if their faces don’t fit.

An experience that shaped him as a young man was hearing one of his teachers candidly admit that one of his ‘duties’ was to “get rid of the leaders so that the others would fall into place”.

Gordon explains:

"That [the teacher's comments] is why I released the book The Secrets of Empowerment as a way to empower and show disadvantaged youths in environments where there aren’t much opportunities or that have also been ‘stifled’ into societies confinements; that there is a way.

"The Secrets of Empowerment was initially published in 2010 and sold many copies in the UK, America and other spots internationally, but since then it has been making its way around the Internet and is still inspiring many at present."

Recently, one of the groups (Thamesmead Town FC under 13s football club) that have benefited from the charitable and social arms of Gordon's organisation had invited the inspiring author to come and see he had impacted them. The sports team were in need of sponsorships which would fund football kits and expenses, which Gordon provided.

Gordon commented:

"During the visit, the young team received some encouraging words to uplift and prep them for not only the football match ahead, but for the challenges ahead in life as well as the fact that football is a way for these young lads to express themselves."

Gordon also acknowledged their efforts and agreed to attend the team's presentation night as well as continuously support the team financially, physically and emotionally.

“When our sponsorships are more involved with the team, we see a difference in their behaviour. They seem more relaxed as well as more attentive to what they have to say. When Charles came down and spoke to the boys, they really paid attention to what he was saying and it was a nice change for them to receive some encouragement from someone else, than to hear me prep-talking all the time. They even followed him on Twitter!”, said a representative for the football club.

Gordon added:

"This is the kind of reaction I cherish as it means that my idea of giving back to the community is actually working.

"The Charles Gordon Enterprise Initiative is all about helping the youth of London to build an idea and follow it through to the end product, as the results are worth it."

For more information about the initiative and find out how you can be a part of it, click here.

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