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Zimbabwe investigates Grace Mugabe's PhD

PICTURED: Grace Mugabe (Photo credit: AP)

ZIMBABWE'S ANTI-corruption agency is investigating whether Zimbabwe's former First Lady Grace Mugabe illegally obtained a doctorate, BBC News reports.

Lecturers at the University of Zimbabwe filed a petition last week asking to investigate, as questions were raised after she was awarded a university doctorate more than three years ago.

She was awarded the PhD just months after enrolling at university in 2014 - even though most doctorates require years of full-time research.

“We indeed received a report from the sociology department at the university on how Grace Mugabe received her doctorate and that is what we are investigating,” said Goodson Nguni, the head of investigations at the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

According to BBC News, social media reports say the sociology department told the commission that Grace’s doctorate was “suspicious” and needed to be investigated.

Grace, who was called “Dr Amai” - or “learned mother of the nation” - by followers, has previously defended her academic record and last September told a ZANU-PF rally that she had earned her doctorate even though her detractors thought otherwise.

Ms. Mugabe has not appeared in public since November 2017, when army tanks stormed the capital and confined Mugabe and his family at his mansion in Harare.

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