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Did Brucie get Beverley's gong?

WELL DONE: Beverley De-Gale

Forget Bruce Forsyth’s knighthood,  Beverley De-Gale’s OBE was the highlight of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

It was real proof that the Honours system does work and that the difference ordinary people make to this country and its people really is recognised and rewarded.

But the question is did the Queen’s reps get this one wrong or was it a genuine mix up? Surely Beverley De-Gale should have got the ladies equivalent of the knighthood and become a Dame whilst Bruce Forsyth should have got the OBE. Beverley De-Gale saves lives. The organisation she set up with her husband Orin Lewis has a track record of saving lives. What greater achievement can any human aspire to? Compared to that, what Bruce Forsyth does on the box is peurile.

In fact, the Honours people need to leapfrog over the Dame bit and make Beverley De-Gale a peer straight off.

Baroness Beverley De-Gale would be a real asset to this country. The wisdom and experience of saving lives that she has gained is what those old farts in the House of Lords could do with when the Government wants to do another Health Service u-turn.

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