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How to get your posts noticed on Facebook

THERE ARE many ways to write a post on Facebook and also many reasons for posting them. The key thing is to make sure that all of your posts have value to the readers and that they find them engaging, original and useful. The world of social media marketing continues to grow day by day and Facebook is still the most powerful platform available. This is why it can be very important for you to understand all the types of posts and which ones are going to be optimal for your marketing goals.

The unrelated post

Some people feel like they should never post anything that is not related to their brand but this is not really true. You should make sure that you have built a good following before you start doing this. Sometimes you can post things that will help people have a good laugh or maybe post an interesting riddle. These are really good ways to keep content fresh.

Giveaways post

There are many ways to encourage people to comment on your posts, but one of the best methods is to offer giveaways to the most original and useful comments that they make. This is always an excellent way to build a good relationship between you and your subscribers.

Related events post

Maybe you run a business that sells computers and printers, so this means that you could post a lot of related event content on your page. Always try to post about competitions that will be taking place and this way you could end up getting sponsorships from some brands and also from event organizers. This is a great way to build a network and establish a good relationship with everyone involved activities related to your business.

Inspirational quote posts

Sometimes there is nothing more useful than to post a quote that will inspire and motivate people to do things in life. This is a great way to show to your audience that you also care about ways to help them in their personal lives and you are not all about selling something to them. When you post a quote try to post one with an image that is closely related and this will give it even more presence on the news feeds of others. Followers respond better to images or videos.

Behind the scenes posts

Sometimes a good way to allow your audience to become familiar with who you are is to post some of the things that go on at your company. Maybe some of your staff celebrated an employee birthday and you can post photos of the event. Displaying your workforce having fun and smiling is always a positive reflection of what you are about.

The inviting post

You can come up with a post that has the creativity of inviting people to post their comments. A good way to do this is to post a question asking people something about their daily activities and if they feel like they have enough time to get everything done. Ask them what their methods to manage time are and they will be more likely engage in a conversation. As well as this use the Call To Action Method. Get the audience to take action by clicking an icon or prompting them to do something you request in the post.


You should consider all of these types of posting but you need to know if they are suitable for your line of business. There are many ways to implement all of the ideas mentioned above. All you have to do is know your audience and pick the right moments to post things that are not directly related to your business. Now that Facebook allows you to post relevant feeds on top, it’s easier to maintain the most important news visible while posting related information.

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