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Losers on court, and losers in style

HAIR-RAISING: Serena looks like she needs a new weave

FROM A fashion point of view it’s perhaps not a bad thing that both Williams sisters have been knocked out of Wimbledon.

Listen, no one can deny that the Williams sisters bring their own brand of fierceness, personality and swagger to the quintessential British game of tennis. The dynamic duo have broken records and eclipsed those of any sibling teams on record. Of that there is no doubt Venus and Serena really have to bring their bad (and I don’t mean bad as in good) fashion sense too?

Now I am certainly not what the hip and happening people call a hater, but come on now! Let’s face it, their outfits are ridiculous!

Opening day, Venus arrived in a bell shaped, draped up ensemble that looked as though it had been “run up” on a sewing machine inbetween rallies - the result of which is splashed all over the papers and quite rightly so. It was a hot mess.

It leaves me scratching my head. And talking about head. what is with the hair? I’d have thought they make too much money not to be able to get the best hair stylists in the business to be able to make a weave to fit their faces. I remember one Wimbledon moment when the camera panned into Serena scratching her head and the weave was moving backwards and forwards like a ball boy on steroids.

Come on girls, you’ve reached the pinnacle of your game and proved what hard work, determination and real talent looks like. But purleeze! Sort out your terrible fashion sense.

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