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Would you feel lost without Facebook?

FACEBOOK IS now a very essential platform for millions of people all over the world. Through this social media network, we are able to stay in touch with our friends and family, know when someone is celebrating a special occasion and stay updated on their lives and travels via news feeds.

It has helped many people get closer to their loved ones and is one reason it has become so addictive for so many individuals.

In this blog, we are going to list some signs that will indicate the level of your addiction and suggest ways in which you can turn this around to use it in a productive way.

Are you the kind of Facebook user that is constantly participating in games on the social network?

This means not only are you spending time checking your friends’ updates, but you have also started investing time in other activities Facebook offers.

Have you thought about how you can turn this into a positive thing and spend time networking with potential clients for your business or being social-proof?

Do you constantly check your updates just to see what is going on in the lives of people you know? This can also be a problem because you are probably not going to get anything productive from doing that, but if you have a business page, this can become a very positive habit.

When you check your updates in order to answer questions from clients, this will help your business grow and will establish trust with the clients and build a fruitful relationship.

Are you unnoticed on this platform?

If you are never contacted by friends or you find you get very few likes or messages from people when you post, this could mean that you are not being social enough. Facebook prioritizes the publications of the people you interact with the most.

The way to translate this to business in a productive way is to get in touch with your clients as much as you can. This will create more communication and feedback. It is also advisable to check that your notification settings are switched on so your updates appear in your friends’ newsfeeds.

Have you thought about how you would feel if Facebook closed down?

Is your time on Facebook so important that you think it would have a negative impact on your life if this platform decided to call it quits?

If you have a business and you get many clients from Facebook, it makes sense that this prospect would fill you with dread, but if you use Facebook solely for social purposes, you must really consider reducing the time you spend logged in.

You will find that some people will often say things online that they would never say in a social setting and think it will have no effect on how others perceive them – they’re wrong.

Anyone can say anything behind a screen and this is something you need to keep in mind so you can avoid it.

If you show yourself as someone who can be offensive online, this only proves that you are really someone who pretends to be nice in front of people to avoid being labelled a bad person.

The exact same thing applies for your business efforts. You need to be the same person online as you are offline, just like you need to conduct your business online like you do offline.

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