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Advice for parents ahead of A-Level results day tomorrow

CRUNCH TIME: UK A-level students will get their results tomorrow

WHILE STUDENTS across the UK are nervously awaiting their A-Level results, which come in tomorrow (August 17), a thought should also be spared for their parents, who are often equally anxious.

To help everyone going through the stresses and strains that inevitably come with this time of year, the Department for Education’s Exam Results Helpline opens at 7.30am on A-Levels Day and will continue to be a lifeline of support and guidance until the end of the month.

Although students make the bulk of the calls, a quarter are from parents phoning to find out how best to help their youngsters take the next steps.

Here, Exam Results Helpline careers advisor Iwan Williams has outlined the ‘Ultimate Checklist’ for parents to ensure they can help their teenagers make the right decisions when the time comes.

So, what do parents really need to know?

1. The options:

Having a solid understanding of the options can help calm the initial shock if results are unexpected. Clearing may be an option if firm and insurance offers are not secured and knowing how to access the lists can provide reassurance. Adjustment is something to consider if results are better than expected. Gap years, deferred entry and alternatives to university, like apprenticeships, can all be considered in the right circumstances too.

2. Free-up some time:

Universities are notoriously busy fielding phone calls and it can be frustrating waiting to speak to the right person. If a new university is being considered, it can be useful have a look in person and make a flying visit (geographically dependent obviously). Having a parent available to help them go through this process is invaluable.

3. Speak to the school or college

Despite an increase in the electronic notification of results, the school or college will still be open on results day with staff and teachers available to speak to but potentially not all day. Know the opening times, know what support is available and factor all this information into the day’s plan.

4. Be the voice of calm:

Try to be calm, reassuring and positive regardless of whatever the day has in store. Be ready to celebrate their success and enjoy their upcoming transition to a new chapter. But, just in case, be ready to comfort them if things don’t go as planned.

5. Call the Exam Results Helpline:

In the event of any part of results day causes confusion or doubt, encourage your child to call us. Or call yourself. As trained careers advisers, we can help assess the options, evaluate the pros and cons and support your child to making the best decision for them. We are an impartial and knowledgeable voice in what can be a complicated but exciting time and we love helping every caller.

We open at 8am on the morning of the results and we are available on 0808 100 1000. Good luck!

The Exam Results Helpline is 0808 100 8000 - for opening times click here.

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