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African and Caribbean linguists needed

QUALIFIED TRANSLATORS and interpreters of African-Caribbean and rare African languages, wishing to work with justice organisations across the UK are being encouraged to register with a new database as quickly as possible, in order to receive assignments within the justice sector from Applied Language Solutions.

The new national database is being created to support a new framework agreement to provide qualified and vetted linguists to justice organisations, including the Ministry of Justice, police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service.

The new framework agreement will ensure that anyone interacting with the justice sector whether they are a witness, a victim of crime, a suspect or a defendant, will receive the language support necessary to enable them to communicate and be fairly represented, while ensuring an efficient and effective service on behalf of the public.

Over 1,000 linguists have already registered at since its launch in early August, in order to take part in Assessment Centres that begin in September. However, there is still a high demand for high quality linguists in African and Caribbean languages and more interpreters are being asked to sign up.

Linguists will be independently assessed by Middlesex University, in order to ensure consistency and quality of language services provided under the framework. This requirement includes linguists who have previously provided their language services to the sector, are DPSI qualified and registered on other professional linguist databases. Only those registered and approved on the new database will be assigned to justice sector assignments being managed by Applied Language Solutions.

This new system will mean that more opportunities for regular work within the justice sector will be available to vetted and qualified freelance linguists, as they will be joining an approved national pool from which they can be sourced for work in courts, tribunals, and police processes, more quickly and frequently then at present. This is being achieved through the use of technology to identify linguists in a locality and offer them more assignments in that preferred area.

David Joseph, Head of Linguist Relations at Applied Language Solutions, commented: “This new framework agreement will offer a greater range of opportunities for work. By having one single register, jobs can be allocated evenly with the more skilled and experienced linguist gaining work more consistently and at greater convenience to the individual then is currently the case.

“We are always looking for linguists with qualifications and experience in the rarer languages, and these often happen to originate from Africa and parts of the Caribbean. If you would like to work with us, please visit, to begin registration. The first Assessment Centres take place in mid September so time is of the essence to register.”