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Black girls lead the way for Maths GCSE success

PICTURED: Professor Chris Imafidon and the Excellence In Education classmates that formed the Youngest GCSE Class 2018.

THE LEWIS sisters, aged 9 and 11, and Miss Deborah Odushola aged 12, have become the youngest black girls to pass the new GCSE exam in Britain, after officially receiving their GCSE Mathematics results last week.

Sariya (9) and Karissa (11), both pupils of the program, wrote their GCSE Maths after been mentored by world renowned Professor Chris Imafidon. The Lewis sisters' said his unique learning methodology of seeing Maths as a fun game and along with the Imafidon siblings inspired them to sit the exam.

Their mother, Mrs Adelle Pobee-Lewis (age 35) said of their success: "I am incredibly fortunate to have met the genius that is Professor Chris Imafidon. Especially as my children attend an ordinary inner-city school, where homework is banned and the girls' were not being challenged.

"Although I am a trained graduate with a masters degree, I could never have achieved this without the mentorship from Professor Chris Imafidon. I can truly say that my girls' success is due to his unique mentorship and the innovative learning methodology of the programme."

Another higher achiever is Miss Deborah Odushola, who holds a double GCSE maths grade 6 and grade 7 - equivalent to AB - being the youngest in her borough to do so.

Deborah's Mother, Mrs Deborah Odushola Snr, said: "This would have been both unthinkable and impossible without Professor Chris Imafidon, who reengineered my thinking and allowed Deborah to see maths as a game."

Karissa loves swimming and playing the violin but wants to be a cardiologist when she is older and younger sister, Sariya loves football (a striker) and is a keen pianoist who sees herself as a practising lawyer or enterpreneur in the future.

Deborah, on the other hand, aspires to be a gynaecologist. Though they all have varying aspirations there's one commonality between all three girls; they all thank their mentor, Professor Chris Imafidon, for their extraordinary achievements.

Professor Chris Imafidon, chair of the Board of Excellence in Education (EIE), said: “Using the EIE learning methodology, everyone can understand the fundamentals of any A-level, or GCSE subject in 21 days. This has been demonstrated by the examples of Peter and Paula Imafidon passing GCSE exams at age of 6 in 2006.

"Samantha who is a chorister at Oxford University (Balliol College) and a lead Meso Soprano for Oxford Belles & Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE is another example. With the right, tools, techniques and technology every student is a genius."

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