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Boy who speaks six languages wins place at top Japanese uni

YOUNG GENIUS: Successful student Quamelle Kurubo with a Japanese exchange family

A YOUNG Brit who taught himself Japanese and speaks five other languages has won a prestigious scholarship to a top Far East university.

Eighteen-year-old Quamelle Kurubo, who also speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, Russian and French, is to leave the UK on September 16 and will spend four years in Japan, studying at Osaka University in Japan's third largest and second most important city.


“I’m really excited about the opportunity to go. I’ve worked really hard for it and I’m looking forward to the challenges,” said Kurubo, from London. “I will be out there initially for four years but it’s expected to be longer because it’s been said that they want me to stay on.”

The high achiever believes he has been able to achieve so much because he sets himself ambitious targets.
“I didn’t find learning these languages very hard because I had the passion for it. Anyone can do it as long as you have the passion and in my opinion, the help of God,” he told The Voice.