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Free guitar workshops for dyslexic and dyspraxic beginners

LESLIE LEWIS-Walker, lauded London singer/songwriter, will be to inspiring dyslexic and dyspraxic individuals to learn guitar at a series of workshops taking place at Croydon Library on Wednesday July 15 from 2-4pm.

Lewis-Walker has tailored the sessions for those with little to no experience playing the guitar and will cover the basics of how to play the instrument as well as how to play simple chords. The passionate facilitator will also host a creative conversation about music and try to link the songs learnt with personal experiences.

Lewis-Walker said:

"Music is an experience and you can learn a song, but if you learn it with heart, you can perform it better.

"People who are dyslexic are the most talented people on the planet, but society tells them different. I want to change this. If I can help at least one individual change their mindset with creative means, I have done my job.

“Libraries offer a quiet refuge to musicians to gather their thoughts, providing an escape and a place to congregate with others. Me holding these workshops in a library is to encourage those with dyslexia to visit such a place and not just associate the place with books only, so why not run the workshops in this environment."

For more information on the workshops, click here.

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