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EDUCATION: White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities

THE WHITE Rose College of the Arts & Humanities has over 300 funded PhD students researching and writing PhDs in subjects from History, Heritage and Languages to Philosophy and Media. Here's a flavour of current research projects:

Inter-war British Art and Apocalypse (Heritage)
- The Working Lives of Women in the Creative Industries: Gender and Television (Media)
- Grassroots ‘N’ The Hood: The Rodney King Riots and the Development of Black Activism in Los Angeles, 1978-1996 (History)
- Acting Like a Girl - Free Will, Gender, and Agential Harm (Philosophy)
- Everyday life and collaborative arts practice in the North of England. (Heritage)
- Grammar and American Usage in Modern and Contemporary Fiction (Languages)
- Race and Technology in African American Speculative and Science Fiction (English)
- The Composition of Opera for Young People (Creative Arts)

WRoCAH's PhD students get to think and learn and together in a three-university cohort, collaborating within and across disciplines. By active networking and running collaborative activities, students gain fresh perspectives on their own research and can offer insight into the research of others.

This culture of sharing and giving is central to WRoCAH citizenship. Students also have the opportunity develop their skills at talking about their research to non-academic audiences through knowledge exchange projects with the general public and talking about how research applies to policy with those who influence and make it.

The centrepiece of the WRoCAH training programme is the completion of an employability project with a partner organisation. This can be anywhere in the world, with over 120 projects completed to date in 24 different countries. The projects are more than just work experience, offering the opportunity to work on a project developed directly with the partner and that has real tangible benefit to that organisation.

Students find these projects immensely satisfying and say:
"The single most impactful period of my PhD, in terms of my personal development"
"I feel much more confident about my employment prospects post-PhD"
"An invaluable breath of fresh air from my research, increasing my motivation and confidence, and helping me broaden my perspective"
Is a PhD for me?

If you have or are studying for a Masters in an Arts & Humanities subject and are thinking about what to do when you finish your degree, a PhD allows you to explore something that fascinates you, pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and understanding. Imagine being the person who finds a new way of looking at the ancient and modern that changes the way people think and perceive the world around us.

The challenge of researching and writing a PhD is an enormously satisfying way to indulge your interests and explore your passions.

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