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Graduates urged not to hold out for their dream position

GRADUATE JOBS: Graduates are being encouraged to take 'any job' they can get

AS A new generation of graduates enters the workplace, employers are warning newly-qualified job seekers to consider all options to get working rather than wait for their dream position.

While one in ten recent graduates thinks they should ‘hold out’ for a professional role, research from graduate recruitment company, Pareto Law, reveals British business leaders don’t agree.

According to a survey of 1,009 managers, one in four said young people hold unrealistic expectations about their careers when they finish studying.

As a result, another 22 per cent said graduates should be more open-minded about the jobs they’re willing to take.

Pareto Law’s research revealed that young people are increasingly picky about what they will and won’t do.

The company, which recruits 1,600 graduates each year for a range of roles, from IT, Telecoms and Tech to FMCG, discovered that only one in eight would consider taking a position that involved selling and one in three would rule it out completely.

By contrast, almost a third think gaining work experience is the most important way of moving forward and 23 per cent would advise graduates to take any job they can to kick-start their career.

Speaking about the findings, Johnathan Fitchew CEO of Pareto Law, said: “Many graduates will do a degree with a certain career in mind and of course, that is entirely understandable.

“But in our experience and according to the employers we have spoken to, if that role isn’t immediately available it’s far better to get onto the career ladder and start getting that valuable experience than to wait for that elusive perfect role."

He continued: "Being in work, engaging and networking, is the most important thing and graduates need to be open-minded enough to consider different routes into work and should be very wary of ruling out certain career choices.”