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He gained his GCSEs aged 8, now at 11, Israel is off to Eton!

EACH ONE TEACH ONE: Israel Adeboga, left, with his mentor Professor Chris Imafidon

11-YEAR old Israel Adeboga set a record last Thursday as reportedly the youngest person in the country to sit A-Levels this year. He also won a place at Eton College and 25 more top schools.

Young Adeboga, from Barking, passed his GCSEs at 8, so is no stranger to being featured in the news, having been picked-up by The Times and the BBC among others back then.

The pre-teen passed A-Level Statistics after following the Excellence in Education (IEE) system of seeing maths as a game, a technique championed by his mentor Professor Chris Imafidon, who also led his own children to similar educational heights using the system.

Adeboga, who lists swimming as one of his hobbies and dreams of becoming a scientist or 'top CEO', said:

"I am happy to have passed all the grammar and public school entrance exams.

"I love music and football and want to be a scientist when I am older. Before attending the EIE program, I thought learning was difficult, and never heard of the learning games, I never thought I could pass any of these exams or learn through playing games as we do at EIE.

"If anyone sees maths as a game, then success is very easy. I am delighted to have Professor Chris Imafidon as my mentor".

Imafidon, chair of EIE, said:

“Using the appropriate EIE system, everyone can understand the fundamentals of any A-Level subject in 21 days. This has been demonstrated by the examples of Peter and Paula passing A-level exams at age of 7 in 2011.

"Anyone can be taught to love maths, music or science or any subject via gamification. With the right methods, tools, and techniques, every student is a genius. Your learning system is more important than your so-called ability.

"Every single child is born a genius in one thing or another."

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