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Here’s how to find your next teaching job

OPPORTUNITIES: Teaching jobs for graduates

WHETHER YOU'RE a newly qualified teacher or you’re approaching the end of your degree, now is a good time to look into different recruitment approaches you can take to get yourself into your chosen industry.

Finishing your degree will bring with it a range of emotions, from relief to excitement to possibly sheer stress about what to do next. Thankfully, the teaching recruitment specialists at Simply Education have already done some of the research for you, detailing several routes you might wish to take post-graduation.

A permanent job

Understandably, a permanent job is the most common choice for the majority of newly qualified teachers. You’ll need to complete a twelve-month induction so that you can gain the relevant experience you need to progress in your career, and a permanent position is often the easiest way to achieve this. However, days will be long, and the workload will be hefty, but you’ll definitely benefit from a sense of routine and not have to worry about a lack of job security.

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Supply teaching

Although it won’t be a permanent role, supply teaching will also give you a chance to complete your NQT induction. This is a great option for graduates who may have other commitments that they need to place ahead of their career, such as children. You’ll have a lighter workload and a flexible schedule but can still gain the experience you need to get ahead.

Postgraduate study

Perhaps you want to explore a specific area of teaching further. In that case, postgraduate study can give you a chance to develop your knowledge in something you’re interested in so that you delve straight into a role doing what you love the most.

ESL programmes

Teaching English as a second language has become hugely popular, as more and more graduates are looking at ways that they can gain experience while seeing more of the world. Plenty of schools in Europe and further afield are seeking qualified teachers who can help local children improve their knowledge of the English language. This can be an incredibly rewarding experience and something that can make a CV stand out from those of other applicants.

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