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Increase in teens excluded from schools

THE NUMBER of children excluded from secondary schools in London is increasing, according to a new research.

A report that was released today (Apr 15), entitled Preventing Secondary School Exclusions found there were 980 permanent exclusions in 2016/17, compared to 780 in 2013/14.

The report from The London Assembly Education Panel investigates school exclusions in the capital and why they are going up.

Their key findings discovered that the rise in exclusions is partly due to difficulties schools have in dealing with pupils with increasingly complex needs.

They also found that certain demographics of pupils are disproportionately excluded suggesting schools are either failing to support some learners or discipline techniques inadvertently discriminate against some pupils.

Of the report, Chair of the Education Panel, Jennette Arnold OBE AM, said:

“All children need a wide range of support systems to bring the best out of them in their academic and extracurricular studies. Reduced support either because of funding or lack of awareness should not be the reason why ultimately pupils end up excluded.

“It’s important that young people get the best start in life. Outside of the home the next place that can happen is in the classroom, so we must make sure they are actually there.

“Young people who have challenging behaviours must not be brushed to the side via hidden exclusions or bare minimum support. Instead, they need even more support than the average pupil.

“We have a duty to these students because letting them down has wide-ranging consequences we need to consider seriously.”

The Mayor of London has recommended that help is provided to prevent unnecessary exclusions, to review the supply of centres that specialises in supporting those at risk of exclusion and to actively monitor and challenge hidden exclusions.

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