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Liberian schools affected by Ebola receive education kits

BACK TO SCHOOL: Liberian schools affected by Ebola receive education kits

SCHOOLS IN Liberia are to be awarded with 700,000 education kits in an effort to bolster post-Ebola recovery efforts, UNICEF has reported.

The organisation began distributing kits, containing items like pencils, notebooks, geometry sets and school bags and chalk, poster sheets, markers, folders and lesson plan books to teachers, to 4,460 schools across the West African country this week, the group said in a statement.

“Every child in Liberia needs to have an equal opportunity to education," George K. Werner, Liberia’s minister of education said in the statement.

He also thanked the U.S. Agency for International Development, which funded UNICEF's provision of the kits. "Our goal is to create an enabling environment for children to go to school, engage in educational activity and realize their full potential.”

Liberia is on the mend after enduring what's been deemed the world's worst Ebola outbreak. The country - which lost about 4,700 people to the deadly virus, according to the World Health Organization - was declared Ebola-free in May, The New York Times reported.

More than 1 million Liberian children were affected by school closings during the epidemic, as noted by UNICEF representative Sheldon Yett. After the humanitarian group provided infection prevention and control kits to help those schools reopen, the learning kits are a welcomed next step in moving forward.

"We are providing these materials to assist students and teachers to teach and learn effectively using basic resources," Yett explained. "So that children become productive citizens and future leaders of Liberia."