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Meghan Markle backs campaign to ‘decolonise’ UK universities

SUPPORT: Meghan Markle

MEGHAN MARKLE has shown her support for a campaign supporting more black academics and aiming to decolonise UK universities.

According to reports, the campaign aims to 'confront the legacies of the empire' and racism on campuses and promotes black and female thinkers instead of 'male, pale and stale' ones.

The duchess’ support began during a visit to City, University of London in January, where the royal encouraged scholars to 'open up the conversation' about curriculum in universities. She also was shocked to discover the disproportionate figures regarding the amount of ethnic minority professors at UK universities.

“She was really surprised, she was like 'oh my god, really, we need to get a photograph of this,” said Dr Rachel Cowan, who delivered the news to the Duchess.

The Daily Mail also reports Markle turned to her private secretary Amy Pickering and asked her to take a picture of the data relating to 2016-17.

The lack of diversity from students to professors in UK universities has been a key talking point this year. Earlier this month, a report was launched by Goldsmiths professor Nicola Rollock, highlighting the bullying and discrimination that follows black female professors. Currently, there are only 25 black female professors in the UK and they make up just 0.1% of all professors, compared to white men who represent two-thirds (68%) of professors.

In addition, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster David Lidington and the Universities Minister Chris Skidmore announced plans for universities to be held to account if they don’t improve outcomes for ethnic minority students.

Skidmore commented that universities need to “reflect modern Britain, and ensure that everyone who has the potential, no matter their background or where they are from can thrive at university.”

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